Follow us on Twitter @PornValleyMedia Send email to:¬†–¬†Actor/filmmaker Charlie David, best known for his work in gay independent cinema, takes on a fascinating, sometimes controversial subject in a new hour-long documentary. In I’m a Porn Star: Gay4Pay, David chats with guys who identity as straight but are willing to have sex with men, including performing as bottoms, on camera for money. The filmmaker also interviews gay-identified performers, who say they have no problem working with straight guys. It’s a job, after all.

“There is such intrigue and interest into what the real sexuality of these performers is,” David told us, explaining what drew him to the project. “Our society still has this insane urge to label each other in every conceivable way. It’s completely reductive and often destructive. With this documentary I knew the expectation of many viewers would be to reveal all these straight guys doing porn as closet cases. I’m more interested to provoke the audience to reflect on why this is happening and what are the ramifications of having straight producers, directors and performers creating fantasy material for gay men.”

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