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New DVD from MeanBitch Productions Features Lesbian Cuckold Drama

Chicago – MeanBitch Productions announced today the release of a new DVD, directed by legendary Femdom Director Glenn King. The DVD is called “CuckQuean” and is his first-ever feature release. The movie chronicles a woman’s descent from being a happily married housewife to a cuckold who serves and obeys the women who have sex with her cheating husband.

“I started shooting cuckold scenes back in 2006 have watched the cuckold genre evolve…” said Glenn King, “…In the beginning, we were doing cuckold to show how a man could be dominated by a woman into sinking to his lowest point. But the cuckold genre became more about physical act of a man watching his wife have sex with another man than about following a psychological journey into cuckold submission. I wanted to show how cuckolding is really about taking away someone’s power and making them submit, so I decided to make a feature video where we could tell a story that progresses over four scenes. I also wanted to do something that’s never been done before on DVD. Instead of using a male cuckold, we told the story about a female and how she descends into sexual submission. Female cuckolds are known as cuckqueans. Without a doubt, this is the best video I have ever directed/produced.”

The cast of “CuckQuean” includes Nina Elle, Kiara Cole, Kimberly Chi, Noemie Bilas, and Glenn King as the confused husband.

King talked about the cast by saying “We knew from the beginning that we had to have Nina Elle for the climactic scene where the wife ends up being cuckolded by their marriage counselor. She’s a superstar.  But, I wanted to bring in some relatively fresh faces for the other cast members. Noemie Bilas was perfect as an arrogant next-door neighbor who tells the wife that if she doesn’t pay for her college tuition she is going to steal her husband. Kimberly Chi, who plays a submissive in most of her scenes, was incredible as a sadistic maid who verbally humiliates the wife and dominates both of the couple. And in a scene that should merit serious award consideration this year, Kiara Cole puts on an once-in-a-lifetime performance as the bratty stepdaughter who forces her own mother to watch as she has sex with her stepfather.

“CuckQuean” will hit the streets on July 1, 2019 and wil be available in stores and on VOD websites all over the world. Retailers can purchase the title and other MeanBitch Productions titles by contacting Ed Smith of Exquisite Pictures at or at 818-576-9464.  Contact Glenn King at .