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First Device Created for Treatment of ED in 20 Years Hits Market this fall; Wearable ED device Giddy gets you out of your head and into your body

Chicago – Giddy, the new wearable FDA Class II medical device for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, has crossed over $100,000 dollars of sales in their nationwide product launch on Indiegogo.

Giddy is the first utility patented device created specifically for the treatment of ED in over 20 years. While many ED solutions, like prescription medications, are byproducts of medications for other conditions, Giddy was carefully designed by a committee of mathematicians, medical device experts and ED specialists for the sole purpose of helping men gain and maintain erections for sexual intercourse and the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

Giddy’s official launch debuted as a month-long campaign on Indiegogo, a crowdsourcing platform for preordering and backing new products and companies. Interested consumers have the option to purchase discounted one, two and four packs of Giddy with shipping guaranteed by the end of September 2019.

As part of Giddy’s official product launch, the company has teamed up with partners like non-profits ZERO and Malecare, and celebrity spokespeople such as actor Danny Trejo, model Tess Holliday, Real Housewife Gina Kirschenheiter and Olympic medalist Jason Rodgers. Each of these partnerships have been formed with the intent of opening up the conversation around ED, spreading awareness about the benefits of getting regular prostate exams, and bringing attention to the importance of open communication and healthy sexual experiences.

Every purchase also comes with a holistic 30-day ED treatment guide that not only demonstrates how to use the product, but helps guide men who struggle with ED to have conversations with their partner(s). The guide also incorporates supplemental exercises and lifestyle changes that they can make to improve their ED over time.

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About Giddy

Giddy believes that sex should be fun. Making out with your first love on the second date fun. Best sex you ever had every night of the week fun. No pressure, no stress. Giddy was created to address the very common reality that erectile dysfunction can get in the way of that fun. Our team of mathematicians, medical device experts, and ED specialists developed an effective, comfortable, and easy-to-use ED solution. Giddy requires no prescription, has none of the side effects of prescription ED drugs, and can be purchased online without a doctor’s visit by both men and women. It’s time to get out of our head and into your body. Are you ready to get Giddy?

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