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Chicago – Technology can be scary, especially when it is in your hoo-ha. The future is horny. WoodRocket and Pornhub are proud to present the porn parody of Black Mirror: Pink Mirror.

Pink Mirror premieres Friday, June 14th on WoodRocket and Pornhub, with Pink Mirror Bonersnatch Extended Version, featuring more sex and an alternate ending, available exclusively on Pornhub Premium.

“Because we knew that porn star Chloe Cherry looks a lot like Miley Cyrus, we decided to parody the episode ‘Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too’. The difference though is that ours will feature a talking vibrator, some hardcore sex, and people will probably like our version.” says WoodRocket producer, Lee Roy Myers.

Pink Mirror stars Chloe Cherry, Alex More, Vuko, Will Tile, and Seth’s Beard. It was written by Vuko & Lee Roy Myers and directed by Holly G Myers.

Check out Pink Mirror for free at WoodRocket and Pornhub (on the WoodRocket Channel).

Watch the SFW trailer of Pink Mirror on YouTube at!

Catch Check out Pink Mirror Bonersnatch Extended Version at!

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