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Radical Jizzlam on the march! “We’ve never turned a sinner from our door,” said the Caliph, as “cummunion” ceremonies spread across the Garden State and beyond!

Chicago — Face Pecca! Radical Jizzlam has arrived with an unforgettable oral-centric website that has officially ramped up to release weekly episodes.
After months of development, the adult entertainment platform – built with the absolute belief that all speech should be cherished and protected as if it were holy writ – is dedicated to providing free-thinking users with an exclusive catalog of original boutique content as well as a first-class user experience.

It has been told that the great and noble Caliph once ventured across the southern sea into the realm of the savage, where a sermon was given. The Caliph asked, “is there anyone here who has not ever had the milk of a prophet?” 
There was silence. He asked again. 
And from the crowd, in a tattered loin cloth and with bare breasts, emerged some poor female creature. The Caliph chastised her for being of bare breast and immediately covered her. She knelt, and the Caliph unsheathed his holy cock to save her wretched soul. She was commanded to face Pecca . . . and to suck it . . . — Tales of the Caliphate, Skywalker translation (2019).
Marhaban! Introducing Radical Jizzlam!
The story of Radical Jizzlam was recited by adult webmaster, director and evil genius-turned-acolyte Duke Skywalker, a man who has earned his reputation for rushing in where angels fear to tread. He invited fans (short for ‘fanatics’) of oral sex and cum swallowing cuties to come by and meet the congregation at “We’ll all get together in my tent!”
“The Caliph operates under the power and cover of FA Caliphate,” said Skywalker, his head covered by a black hood and a scimitar pressed against his throat, in a video statement considered too graphic for broadcast. “The great and noble Caliph’s purpose is to convert infidel ’Anti-Semenites’ to Radical Jizzlam, through teachings, rituals, and cummunion. By drinking the Caliph’s milk, these lucky souls complete their conversion to Radical Jizzlam. All praise to the Caiph! I must now atone for inviting the G.O.A.T. to my pig roast!”
An Anti-Semenite is one who has yet to fully embrace the medicinal and mystical powers of semen. The Caliph assists by ejaculating into their mouths, having them ritualistically gargle and then gulp the Caliph’s milk.
Milk has also been described as the drink of Paradise.
The story of the amazing Caliph was told, Skywalker revealed, and spread from village to village. It has been written that the Caiph took his favorite converts with him back to the arid lands that he rules, to show the faithful his conquests and exploits.
There are many tales of the Caliph, Skywalker said. In one immortal story loved by all, “She Desecrated Our Sacred Rug”, the Caliph was displeased because he has to answer to the Caliphate as to why this lowly infidel spilled the milk of paradise on the prayer rug. In a panic, the Caliph commanded her to clean it up with her tongue, and lick out all of the stains. “She swallowed all of it,” Skywalker recounted, “and she returned to praying in the direction of Pecca, which is what the Caliph calls his penis.”
Before being led off, Skywalker refused to speculate as to whether these sperm ducking Anti-Semenites had been inspired by Satanic verses, but confirmed that their conversion has powerful, life-altering qualities.
Market domination foretold!
“Many Americans know of a man named Joseph Smith, who boasted that if he was not let alone, he would be a second Mohammed to his generation,”  a heavily-bearded company rep stated, “and that there would be tumult and despair from the Rocky Mountains to the Atlantic Ocean; that like Mohammed, whose motto in treating for peace was ‘the Al koran or the sword,’ so should it be eventually for his people, Joseph Smith or the sword.”
As the doors to are officially opened, its Caliph reminds infidels that invading armies can be resisted, but nothing can stop an idea whose time has come.
The great Caliph, who bears a strong physical resemblance to East Coast-based adult performer Sam Crux, issued an announcement and holy order that states in non uncertain terms that, under the authority of the Caliphate, he “will punish and convert all the Anti-Semenites to inaugurate a new era of a Radical Jizzlam! And soon there will arise many shouts and a clamor that will shake the heavens and sway the boughs of the trees of the earth!”
Videos in the growing library at are now available in multiple formats: MP4, mobile and HD, with 4K video downloads available soon.
Webmasters and affiliates can promote the spread of Radical Jizzlam via the affiliate program immediately.
“DukeDollars has been around since 2003,” Skywalker is quoted as saying. “I have the requisite knowledge of our customer base to provide my affiliates with the precise tools needed to generate sales, because I produce the exact niche content potential customers desire.”
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