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Chicago – Grooby is proud to announce its latest project, The body-positive site will be helmed by the company’s award-winning Marketing and Editorial Director, Kristel Penn.

“First, I want to say thank you to Steven Grooby for this amazing opportunity,” says Penn. “He and I have talked at great length about the need for more diverse representation of bodies and desire in porn. Within the Grooby brand, although we showcase a wide range of performers on our own sites, we have our own constraints because we are specifically a trans porn company. I am excited to have a separate space to build from the ground up.”

“I’m really looking forward to seeing what Kristel and the team can do with this concept, which I think is much needed,” adds Steven Grooby. “If we can showcase different types of people who normally don’t have a space – giving them confidence and encouraging others, then I think there could be a momentum for a wider range of future pornstars.”

Bare.XXX is a new website project that will showcase a wider range of models than traditionally seen in mainstream porn. This is a site for those who want to model or perform, but do not necessarily have a website or platform where they can be featured.

Penn adds, “Bare.XXX is a body-positive, hate-free zone designed to promote diverse representation of adult performers and their fanbase. Our mission is to create a site that empowers performers with confidence in the industry, whether it’s something they want to do once, or as a launch into more adult work.

“We require our producers to follow a strict code of conduct (the same we implemented at Grooby). We will hire individuals who have worked with a wide range of models and are all experienced professionals in the field. Our aim is to cultivate a safe space where you and your producer are able to create something sexy, exciting, individual and meaningful.”

The site is currently in development and in search of both performers and producers. The site states they are especially interested in hearing from those don’t traditionally fit gender-specific (binary) websites, including individuals with disabilities, those with different body shapes and sizes, those who identify as non-binary or androgynous, and any other unique and amazing individuals (whether you have appeared in adult shoots before, or are just looking). Those interested in applying can do so directly at