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Chicago — Latina Abuse announced the release of a new boy/girl scene, “Hot Topic Starter Kit”, available now at its official site.
This Hispanic hottie may be dressed like she’s going to a funeral, but fans of deep throat action will celebrate her energy and enthusiasm in the site’s latest seriocomic romp. And, check out those sexy long eyelashes!
“Why are Latinas obsessed with Hot Topic?”, a company rep pondered. “I think they employ it as a disguise of sorts, so ICE drives right past and won’t harass them. It’s all cool, just as long as she avoids the jabeneros when earl’n on my balls.”

Latina Abuse’s new 45-minute fiesta is available now at, and features a set of 916 high-resolution photos.
Videos are now offered in multiple formats at MP4, mobile, and 60p HD, with 4K video downloads available in 2019.
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“DukeDollars has been around since 2003,” said honcho Duke Skywalker. “I have the requisite knowledge of our customer base to provide my affiliates with the precise tools needed to generate sales, because I produce the exact niche content potential customers desire.”
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