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Chicago – ‘Sex Hacker’ Kenneth Play and his polyamorous community are featured in a brand-new episode of Viceland documentary series ‘Slutever’, airing now at

The episode, “Poly Love”, takes host Karley Sciortino to Play’s Hacienda Villa in Brooklyn – a sex-positive event space and ‘intentional community’ for the erotically adventurous – for a Threesome & Moresome Speed Dating event and party.

“So I’ve learned that in order to be in a poly relationship, you have to face your insecurities and be horny for communication… so I imagine first dates get to real talk, real fast,” says Sciortino as she settles in with the event’s attendees to open up about their fetishes and erotic proclivities.

“What we get to do here as a community is choose how we are with people rather than something that is chosen for us,” explains a guest to Sciortino, who confronts the episode’s underlying theme, jealousy, against a backdrop of open relationships and multiple sexual partners.

“While loosening the reins on your relationship can be literally terrifying, newsflash – only banging one person for life also has its difficulties,” concludes Sciortino as she glides into a hot tub among a sea of bodies. “If you value sexual freedom and get off on communication, maybe you’re one of the lucky ones who can have it all… and then some.”

In addition to the Poly Speed Dating parties, Play and his Hacienda Villa cohorts host social events, members-only parties, and educational workshops designated to inform, entertain and celebrate shame-free sexuality.

“We curate events like Threesome & Moresome Speed Dating to facilitate connection,” said Play of Hacienda’s active social calendar. “When you choose an alternate relationship style it isn’t always the easiest to engage in dating and meeting others, so we want to create spaces where this can happen while being outrageously fun.”

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“The World’s Greatest Sex Hacker… he makes the world—especially the bedroom—a better place for everyone.” – GQ Magazine

“What better way to celebrate the day—and thumb our noses at an increasingly prudish and uneducated America—than with a round of advanced sex-ed? — VICE

Kenneth Play is an international sex hacking expert, sex educator/coach and former celebrity fitness trainer who introduces couples to new and inspiring ways to play together and overcome challenges in the bedroom.

Formerly a sexually insecure Asian immigrant with no sex life and no game, Play transformed himself from a chubby kid to a physically fit, emotionally secure and accomplished man through years of focused study and training in order to help others thrive and take ownership of their sexuality.

In addition to Play’s online courses and one-on-one training in the New York City area, he also co-founded the globally-recognized sex-positive intentional community Hacienda Villa; teamed up with Dr. Zhana Vrangalova to work on The Casual Sex Project; worked with Pamela Madsen at the Back to the Body Sensual Retreats for Women, and has been a featured presenter at New York University and San Jose State University.
Play’s projects have been featured in Vice, Thrillist, Elite Daily, Refinery 29, Time Out, The New York Times, Playboy and Cosmopolitan, highlighting the Hong-Kong-born instructor’s devotion to empowering people to experience incredible sex. Play says his career mission is “to make unapologetically explicit sex education mainstream.” For more information about Kenneth Play visit

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