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Tom Brady proves age is just a number to the timeless Air Force Amy

Chicago — When New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady made NFL history during Super Bowl LIII, he unknowingly altered the course of Nevada’s legal brothel industry. Brady, 41, enjoyed a late-career victory Feb. 3rd, as he led the Patriots to 13-3 win over the Los Angeles Rams, and completed his sixth game-winning drive in the fourth quarter or overtime of the Super Bowl.

At Nevada’s World Famous Moonlite Bunny Ranch legal brothel in Carson City, legendary courtesan Air Force Amy had been at a crossroads since the death of Bunny Ranch owner Dennis Hof in October. ”Dennis was such a larger-than-life character. He made the Bunny Ranch what it is, and he was always a major inspiration to me. Everyone knows how much I love my job, but for the first time I began to have doubts about continuing on at my age.”

However, after Super Bowl LIII, those doubts quickly faded away.

Tom Brady, the winningest quarterback in NFL history, was once an underdog — a 199th draft pick who made the most of his chance when starter Drew Bledsoe was injured. He went on to be named Super Bowl MVP more than any other player, and Sunday he became the first player in NFL history to win six Super Bowls.

And, of course, Brady was a 2000 NFL draft pick, the same year Air Force Amy took up residence at the World Famous Moonlite Bunny Ranch.

Following Brady’s monumental Super Bowl performance, Air Force Amy realized that she is the Tom Brady of sex work: consistently excellent; the most publicized legal prostitute on the planet; the number one of all-time Nevada legal sex worker; eleven-time Bunny of the Year recipient; the greatest s”ho”w on earth; the best sex you will ever have; and an entertainer extraordinaire!

“Tom Brady shows you can still be the most impressive and compelling figure in a field with an inherent shelf life,” Amy stated. “Come meet his match at the Bunny Ranch: Air Force Amy!”

Open 24 hours a day, The World Famous Moonlite Bunny Ranch is located at 69 Moonlight Rd, Carson City, NV 89706.

About Air Force Amy

Air Force Amy is the star of HBO’s highly acclaimed reality series, “Cathouse”; the number one of all-time Nevada legal sex worker; and eleven-time Bunny of the Year recipient at Dennis Hof’s World Famous Moonlite Bunny Ranch in carson City, Nevada. She is a model, actress, cover girl, centerfold, author, public speaker, sex & relationship coach, and hypnotherapist.

As a teen, Amy enlisted in the United Sates Air Force, serving a full term with an Honorable Discharge. She served as an Air Base Ground Defense Instructor and an Anti -Terrorism Specialist, performed Law Enforcement and Security duties, and worked with the Diplomatic Security Service, the Office of Special Investigations, Naval Intelligence, Army Special Forces, Navy Seals and thousands of men and women throughout all branches of the U.S. and Foreign Governments. She also served on the detail that escorted President Marcos out of the Philippines when his government was overthrown.

Amy is highly decorated, including the extremely hard to get Meritorious Service Medal. She received numerous awards such as “Airman of the Year”, “Woman of the Year”, and “S.P. of the Year”. and was promoted twice “Below the Zone” (earlier than her peers). Amy also received the John Levitow Award, the highest academic award achievable.

Amy decided to separate from the military because her commander would not allow her to cross train into another field because she was too valuable to him. In February 1990, she made her way out to the Chicken Ranch, to begin work in a first legal brothel for the first time.

Amy had already dedicated ten years to the legal brothel industry working at the Chicken Ranch, Sheri’s Ranch, Cherry Patch, Mustang Ranch and the Old Bridge Ranch prior to signing on at the Bunny Ranch. All those years were spent working in what is referred to as “lock down” conditions, wherein the ladies are forced to be available for work 24/7 (with naps) and are not allowed to leave the ranches for many weeks at a time.

In 2000, she heard that the ladies at Dennis Hof’s World Famous Moonlite Bunny Ranch were allowed to leave daily and that they had porn stars working there making thousands of dollars an hour. She moved over to Hof’s establishment, and convinced Dennis to let her be called a “porn star” after starring in a film they produced on property with Ron Jeremy. Request granted, she had to come up with a porn star name, and decided on “Air Force Amy”. The rest is history.

In 2001, HBO began filming at the Bunny Ranch, by then the most popular and respected sex destination on Earth. The result was the reality TV series, “Cathouse” which featured Amy in a central role. The first show aired December 8, 2002 in the time slot immediately following the last episode of the Sopranos that season. This show became the most viewed documentary on HBO of all time. Realizing they had a hit on their hands they came out and shot more for another season, “Cathouse, Back in the Saddle”, which aired starting December 27, 2003.

MSNBC has called her “a living legend in the world of sex”, and when it comes to sales and customer service, Amy puts Zig Ziglar to shame.

In January, Amy published her first book, “Air Force Amy’s 69 Favorite Sex Quotes of All Time”. Her long-awaited memoir is presently in the works.

Amy welcomes vacationers, sex tourists and curious travelers at The Moonlite Bunny Ranch. Located near Reno and Lake Tahoe in beautiful Carson City, Nevada, the Bunny Ranch is celebrated internationally for being Nevada’s finest legal brothel and the very best place to engage in pay-to-play intimacy in all the world. With dozens of gorgeous women available 24 hours a day, the Bunny Ranch is a one-of-a-kind pleasure palace with a full-service bar, luxurious rooms, numerous VIP suites, and lush sex bungalows.

Air Force Amy — Not just sex . . . and adventure. www.AirForce
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