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Adult industry veteran Amberly Rothfield returns to San Francisco to teach as part of’s educational series. This is the second time Rothfield will be teaching at Kink’s Armory Tours.

Chicago – If a lover asks for dirty talk, but your tongue is left dry and fumbling for words…this can slaughter a sensual mood! After a packed workshop on how to talk dirty like a phone sex operator, adult industry veteran and educator Amberly Rothfield returns to San Francisco for her second workshop at’s headquarters. For her upcoming class, Sexual Improv: Kink on the Fly, Rothfield is teaching how to be spontaneous in the sack verbally. Utilizing all of the senses, when it is time to get down is extremely important for those mind-blowing orgasms that we are always chasing.

“This class is unique in that it is audience directed! The audience chooses what my scene would look like,” says Rothfield, a 13-year veteran of the phone sex industry and dirty talk extraordinaire. “It is then my job to construct a sexual conversation from thin air. Think Mad Libs for kink. Doing this several times, I begin to show my process of keeping it sexy but keeping it fresh.”

The audience is implored to join in and make the scene as crazy as possible for Rothfield. Using a tinge of humor to take the fear out of smutty speech, she strives to keep the ambiance airy, informative and most of all, fun. The audio portion of sex doesn’t have to be just moans or groans but also what helps set that mental scene which catapults a play session. Being as sex is usually pretty much never scripted, this means having the skill set to continue with the scene with a strong presence can only heighten the pleasure for you and your partner.

“Being able to partner again with is not only an honor but unbelievable,” added Rothfield. “Working with them last time was so easy, professional and their platform is so wide-reaching! I hope to continue being able to offer workshops on how to work one’s voice into play settings effectively.”

The class will be held in San Francisco at The Armory Club on December 27,2018. Class does start at 7pm and goes to 9pm by a meet and greet following immediately after!

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