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Chicago – Marvel’s Venom may be getting mixed reviews, but the porn parody is rated 69% Fresh! You’ll give it two tongues up and it’ll make your Tom Hardy. Woodrocket and Pornhub are proud to present the Venom Porn Parody, Vencum.

Vencum premieres Friday, October 5th, only on WoodRocket and Pornhub. And it is FREE.

Pornhub Premium will offer the Vencum Extended Tongue Edition, featuring 2 times the anti-hero hardcore action!

Starring April O’Neil, Rocky Emerson, Tommy Pistol, and Vuko, Vencum was written by Vuko & Lee Roy Myers, and directed by Lee Roy Myers.

When a great journalist like Eddie Cock is terrible at cunnilingus, there is only one shape-shifting super alien wang that has the ability to help him lick his problem! They become joined together at the groin, so they tag-team crime and invent the Two-Person Threesome, in Vencum.

Watch the Vencum SFW trailer on YouTube at and!

Check out Vencum, the Venom Porn Parody, on and Pornhub.

Watch the Extended Version exclusively on Pornhub Premium.

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