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Revamped website delivers boutique all-black rough sex content

Chicago — Heavy-hitter Rome Major plies his trade on a sexy black MILF amateur in “Big Clit MILF”, the latest release from notorious ebony porn website

The site’s newest offering pairs Major with a clitorilly well-endowed first-timer. Scientists say that the average clitoris is about 7mm in length, but Rome Major doesn’t care about the metric system! All he knows is that this jawn is packin’! 

The spit flies and mayhem ensues as the seasoned star of treats her to a Major throat reaming, before nailing her like she’s a consolation prize.

Rome Major is excited about delivering boutique exclusive content with a comic edge to “When it comes to the fetish world there’s a large audience — people really like the rough sex,” Major said. “Even on set, a lot of the females will say, ‘I don’t suck dick, I don’t get smacked…’ But then they do it on set, and I think a majority of the females enjoy it. I’ve had girls on set who have squirted from it.”

“I remember that at the [“Big Clit MILF”] shoot this girl said, ‘I didn’t know I could suck dick like that!’”, Major laughed.

The hard-pounding 33-minute scene is available now at, and features a set of 519 high-resolution photos.

Check out the NSFW trailer here.

Videos are now available at in multiple formats: MP4, mobile and HD, with 4K video downloads available soon. 

Click here for BlackOnBlackCrime subscription options.

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“DukeDollars has been around since 2003,” Skywalker added. “I have the requisite knowledge of our customer base to provide my affiliates with the precise tools needed to generate sales, because I produce the exact niche content potential customers desire.”

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About BlackOnBlackCrime:

Hated by critics and loved by fans, is back in action with a clutch of exclusive and extreme oral encounters.

The groundbreaking rough oral sex website was conceived in 2010 with tongue planted firmly in cheek as an all-black answer to the popular, politically incorrect was redesigned and relaunched by porn impresario Duke Skywalker in May 2018.

The site’s brand new video content is driven by the powerful yet passionate pounding of veteran east coast woodsman Rome Major. Like the Pizza Man, Rome Major always delivers. 

“I’ve always had a special fondness for this site, so after discussions with Rome Major, I decided to commence the first new production for the site in years,” Skywalker stated. “BlackOnBlackCrime had always been a fan favorite, recognized for consistent, quality content, and I’m glad to revive it on a platform that is even more accessible and easy-to-use for devoted fans.”

In addition to a slew of intense new original content, the weekly updated BlackOnBlackCrime (BOBC) also features a freshly redesigned members area with an improved content management system. “The idea is not only to make BOBC more intuitive but also present users with fully encrypted browsing protocols,” said Skywalker. “I’m always looking at ways to make my sites better and this revamp reflects that.”

The BOBC tour now features a slicker layout with updated free trailers that potential members can sample before joining. The entire site is also mobile friendly, to ensure that users have an optimal on-the-go web experience.

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