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Also: Girlfriend Dishes About (a Different) Spontaneous Gangbang; Where Is the Footage?!

Los Angeles – For the massive 100th episode of the And Now We Drink podcast, host Matt Slayer went to the Adult Entertainment Expo and interviewed porn stars (over drinks, natch) about their wildest AVN stories and when anyone is looking for wild stories Jennifer White is an obvious go-to girl.

Over her nine years in the industry, Jen has racked up countless tales of every sort and the one she shared with Matt was about how she fired her agent at AEE the previous year after the agent had brought a persona non-grata to a party Jen was hosting.

“It’s the best decision I ever made,” Jennifer says. “I’ve been independent for a year now and companies that wouldn’t even talk to me because I was with her [the agent] came out of the woodwork, a lot of things that never would have happened happened.”

While Jen did dish that the can’t-miss part of 2018 AEE was going to be in her room after the AVN Awards, for a wild sex tale about Jennifer it was Anna Bell Peaks who spilled the beans on a wild escapade the two engaged in at an Exxxotica convention.

“Everyone has their favorite girls that they like to play with and I just love Jennifer White, she’s wonderful, she’s great and she loves to lick my pussy,” Anna said on And Now We Drink, “and she just happened to be at Exxxotica when I was there and I was like, I really just want to have some fun, do you want to come back up to my room? And then we invited other people and it ended up being a great big gangbang and I got it on video. It’s always better when you get it on camera because then you can watch it over and over.”

Now fans need to wonder where that footage is and if it will ever be released to the public. Jennifer says she doesn’t know, but that she’d be thrilled for fans to get an inside look at the wild sex lives of porn stars. “Tweet Anna and demand she release it!” she suggested.

Jennifer also appears on the new episode of the Jake Brown Show, which is appropriately episode #69. She appears on the episode with Amy Dash CBS Sports legal expert. Teasing her appearance later in the show, Brown suggest listeners check out Jen on the internet with the safe search off and no one around.

“Interesting note,” he says, “she says she loves gangbangs and that she once had 39 guys with her at once and I’m going to try and address this because that seems very alarming and just too many dicks at one time. Thirty-nine dicks at one time! She seemed to enjoy it – very much so!”

Anyone who knows Jenifer knows she is not shy about speaking of her sexuality and who knows how much of the Jake Brown audience was ready to follow an hour of move and basketball talk with some explicit talk of Jennifer’s well-documented fuck life. It was definitely a wild turn of topics and fans will love hearing her crazy tales.

The new Cum Cravings DVD from Aura Productions), Jen gets a taste-and-paste from Derrick Pierce. She also has a new scene on, stars in Sex Education(Nubiles) where she plays the teacher who takes on three students and their massive dicks.

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