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New Research Reveals that Boredom, Stress Compels Employees to Get Off on the Job

Los Angeles –’s Harriet Sugarcookie has written a revealing article about the staggering number of employees who access pornography during their working hours.

In her latest post, “How Many People Watch Porn at Work Will Shock You”, Sugarcookie refers to the British Houses of Parliament’s 24,000 attempts to access porn at work, and conducted a personal survey of average office workers to see how they compare.

Sugarcookie notes that “in our survey, nearly 60% of people have watched porn at work at some point, even if it’s by accident… 58% reported boredom at work as their reason for seeking out porn and 20% watched porn at work because they were stressed.”

The survey also found that 92% of employees used their personal devices to circumvent work filters; 72% of females and 57% of males admitted to masturbating at the office. Sugarcookie found the men’s survey results a bit suspicious: “If anything, this figure seems low. We expected it to be closer to 100%.”

“We all look for distractions from work, whether it’s Facebook, messaging, YouTube, games or watching porn. Workers cannot be expected to work flat out all day. In fact there are studies showing that a masturbation break can actually lead to higher morale and productivity in workers.”

The lesson for bosses, says Sugarcookie, is to “monitor stressed employees, maybe give them a break to relax, like the previous study suggested, perhaps a porn and masturbation break can get them back to peak performance?”

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