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New York – Today Joy-Toilet, the developers behind the upcoming adult strategy sim Triple X Tycoon, would like to announce its acquisition of two-time Xbiz Award finalist Titcoin; a digital currency based on blockchain technology specifically developed for adult services.
The purpose of this acquisition is to bring the development of a micro-exchange and digital storefront fully in-house as the company has had issues with outsourcing and partnerships in the past. As mentioned in a new blog post by lead developer Christon “Doop” Le’John:
“Coordinating various competing alternative payment processors was easier on paper.”

Edward Mansfield of Titcoin Partners, the group responsible for early campaigns to get adult industry heavyweights to adopt the digital currency, issued a closing statement on Saturday expressing his intentions to remain on board to see the transaction through:
“To ease any concerns, I will still be involved during the whole process to ensure a smooth transition, and to support things once everything has been handed over. I’ve also offered to remain involved as a consultant for a while to ensure all existing business relationships are maintained and nurtured going forward.”
The news comes one year after an incident in which 1 million Titcoins were stolen from the original developers, forcing an abrupt end in active development.
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