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Official Tool Allows Users to Capture 360 Content

Los Angeles – The difficult task of capturing 3D content in a form that could provide spherical 360 video has just become a lot easier – and you can thank Facebook.

Writing for, DrSchlonginhymen writes that Facebook has an official tool that allows users to capture 360 content from 3D games and 3D modeling simulations. This can potentially be used to make CGI virtual reality adult content.

Found on Facebook’s GitHub page, 360-Capture-SDK, this is a VR 360 capture tool rather than a 3D content producing engine like Unity or React VR. It allows one to capture 360 videos of virtual environments as a player moves around or does dirty things in a 3D environment.

“A first-person adult sex simulator in Unity could be turned into a tool for making virtual reality porn,” he writes. “The SDK toolkit would allow a full 360 degrees to be captured instead of the regular 90 degrees that a player or user sees when actually playing or using such an app. Normally, screen recording apps will capture only what a player or user is looking at.

“Using Facebook’s new tool, a full 360 sphere can easily be captured in any Unity app (other engines are also compatible as well). To make a CGI VR porn with this tool, a CGI virtual reality porn director would first direct and animate their CGI fuck bots while recording a 360 replay video. Because a full 360 sphere is captured, when viewed, users will be able to look around anywhere as the CGI action unfolds. The freedom to look around anywhere provides the virtual reality illusion that gives users the impression that they are in the VR action.”

Read the article at Check out 360-Capture-SDK at The article also includes links to articles on the best software tools, best cameras and how to make VR porn content using Grand Theft Auto 5.

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