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camera-pervertfrom – Sex tapes have launched many a celebrity’s career and whether their risqué antics were really leaked or not is up for debate. But, they might be onto something… If you’re looking to spice up your sex life a little, why not bring out your inner porn star and have some fun?

There are many reasons why making a sex tape can be a good thing – seeing yourself entangled in sexy positions can boost your confidence and make you come out of your box a bit, it can bring you and your partner closer together by learning what they like, not to mention the voyeuristic nature of filming yourself can add some excitement to otherwise dull bedroom playtime.

Before you get your kit off and start hitting record on your phone, there are a couple of things to keep in mind when making a sex tape:

Get comfortable
Knowing there’s a camera on you might make you self-conscious, and being comfortable with your partner can go a long way in you enjoying the moment. Trusting your partner is essential and it’s not recommended to agree to making a sex tape with someone you don’t know really well.

Rules of engagement
Before you get going, set some rules to ensure no-one gets hurt when the excitement of the moment gets the better of you. Also, be clear about what you are comfortable doing and what not. It’s also a good idea to agree to a code word that means “STOP! I want out!”

Party planning
To get the most out of the experience, a little planning is essential. Discuss what you want to do, like the setting of the scene, what positions you’re going to do or try and whether you’re going to dress up. Decide if you’re going to use any props like chairs or sex toys.

Well equipped
Video cameras are relatively cheap these days and there’s no need to go large. You want something small, simple to set up and easy to handle, with a decent resolution. While it’s tempting to use your phone’s video recording function, it’s probably not going to go down well if you accidentally phone your mom mid-action.

Great angle
You’ve got the camera, now decide how you want to film the proceedings. Do you want to use a camera on a tri-pod, take turns filming each other with camera in hand, or both? Decide what angles you want to film, close-up shots and whether you want to show your faces. To get some inspiration, you can also watch erotic videos or subscribe to certain models on adult platforms similar to onlyfans, and understand the angles that a professional would use.

Location, location, location
Set the scene – whether it is in your bedroom or in the garden or even in a more public setting like a forest. Choose the appropriate lighting, be it candles, a dim lamp or sunlight. Be careful of bright lights, they tend to be rather unflattering, especially if you’re a little shy about your body.

Scrub, shower and shave
Remember that the camera will show your body in all its glory from angles you can’t see and the resolution of the camera means there’s nowhere to hide. Before the action starts, take a shower, look for stray hairs and do a little maintenance, and check for any unsightly pimples.

Undress rehearsal
The idea of being filmed might be a little nerve wracking, so take a sip of wine and set yourselves at ease by rehearsing what you’re going to do. This will not only calm your nerves a bit, but will also serve as a little warm-up session to get you both aroused and ready.

Stop the clock
Hit record and remember, you’re not making a Vine, so take your time and enjoy the experience. Perform a strip-tease, indulge in foreplay or use positions that you know won’t make you climax in an instant (you know which ones, right?). Most of all, have fun!

Let’s have a look
One of the most important things to agree on is how you are going to view the finished product, what you’re going to do with it and who will own it. By far the safest option is to view it and then delete it. This will not only keep the video from popping up somewhere unexpected, it’s also encouragement to film more.