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Kora Peters writes: Seems To Me The FSC Lifted The Moratorium Too Soon!

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KoraPeters22from – In a statement from their own website the FSC says a moratorium should last at least 7-10 days for the HIV RNA Aptima test to be accurate. And it says that retests should be done no less than 14 days after the date of possible exposure, so what the fuck happened? I guess money talks and HIV walks! Production treats performers like they were any other product, we could be shoes for all they, production just wants to push their product!

All testing is paid for by talent and production does not cover any of it nor do they cover treatment if necessary! Performers take all the risk and pays for it while production sits back and makes a fortune from our ignorance!! It’s time to WAKE UP PEOPLE AND DEMAND BETTER FOR YOURSELVES!!



Fightin’ Joe in Trouble Again: Joe Francis has $500K Warrant Issued for His Arrest in Assault Case

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joefrancefrom – A warrant has been issued for Girls Gone Wild mogul Joe Francis’ arrest.

On Friday, a Los Angeles judge charged the 41-year-old with multiple counts of criminal threats, trespassing, and battery and issued a $500,000 warrant for his arrest.

The charges stem from an incident earlier this year in May at his Girls Gone Wild headquarters, where Francis was involved in an alleged altercation.

Frank Mateljan, spokesman for the city attorney’s office, told The Los Angeles Times that the media mogul had been charged with seven counts, including battery and disobeying the court.

But that’s not all as Francis is also facing a probation violation dating back from 2011 involving false imprisonment and assault.

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War Machine Sent to Nevada to Face Assault Charges

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wardouchefrom – The professional fighter known as “War Machine” was in custody in a Las Vegas jail on Saturday after being transferred from Southern California, where he was arrested for assault stemming from an ex-girlfriend’s accusation that he beat her in Nevada.

Jonathan Koppenhaver [pictured], an Ultimate Fighting Championship competitor, was released from jail in Ventura County, northwest of Los Angeles, on Wednesday to be transported to Nevada, said Captain Don Aguilar, a spokesman for the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office.

Koppenhaver, 32, was in custody on charges including battery resulting in substantial harm, battery by strangulation and assault with a deadly weapon, according to the website for the Clark County detention center in Las Vegas.

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Sweet Sinner: The Effervescent Jodi Taylor Caught in Dirty Mother-Daughter Affair

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James Avalon Gives the Popular Starlet Another Sassy, Sexy Role

joditaylorLos Angeles – Jodi Taylor continues her winning streak with the upcoming Mother-Daughter Affair (Sweet Sinner), which features another opportunity for her to not only exhibit her sexual prowess, but also her acting ability.

Legendary director James Avalon has once again given Jodi the opportunity to be super sassy as she takes on another bratty role.

“James Avalon cast me as an evil little brat again,” Jodi said. “He likes me to make me an evil girl. I’m an evil girl who’s really mean to my mother and sleeps with her boyfriend, just to be mean, really. It was so fun! I love this crew so much!

“Plus I got to be on set with Chanel Preston and Steven St. Croix who are like the funniest sexiest people ever. Than I got to have sex with that handsome Brit Marcus London and Seth Gamble. It was so awesome!”

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Larry Flynt: The Fighter for Free Speech

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larryFlyntfrom – Porn veteran Larry Flynt is celebrating the 40th birthday of his X-rated magazine Hustler — and from his gold-plated wheelchair he is as combative as ever in fighting for free speech.

“I’m the largest content provider in the world for adult material, (operating in) 60-70 countries and still growing,” he told AFP in his vast rococo-decorated and deep-pile green carpeted Beverly Hills office.

Dressed in a beige suit with gold and diamond rings, Flynt surveys photos ranged on his enormous, Napoleon-style desk including his wife and himself with Bill Clinton, as well as caricatures and a collection of his magazines.

The front cover of the anniversary edition has a blonde on all fours dressed only in garters and a string of pearls. Inside there is no such modesty, with hardcore porn in full-color close-up.

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Dustin Diamond Talks Porn and Other Regrets

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dustindiamondfrom – The rank of mega-stars who are known simply by one name includes, of course, Madonna, Cher, Beyonce and Bono. Oh, and one more, surely — that man-boy known as Screech.

Samuel “Screech” Powers of the 1990s TV show “Saved by the Bell” has become almost an icon — for gross ineptitude. He was adorkable before there was such a thing. He even had a catchphrase: “Zoinks!”

Dustin Diamond, the man behind Screech, is 37 now. His hair is cut close to his skull and he wears a beard, both flecked with gray. He’s married, works as a stand-up comedian, and lives near Milwaukee.

For Diamond, Screech has been a curse and a career. He played the character for a decade and then tried to run away from Bayside High as fast as he could: Diamond was a jerk in a season of “Celebrity Fit Club” that he said was scripted. He released a sex tape, which he said was faked. And he revealed sordid details in a tell-all book, “Behind the Bell,” which he said was embellished by a ghost writer.

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Hot to Trot Teach Gets 20 Months: Lucky Student Claimed 200 Sexual Encounters in 3 Years

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Tania Pontbriandfrom – A former Quebec gym teacher has been sentenced to 20 months in jail for the sexual assault of a 15-year-old boy.

Tania Pontbriand [pictured] was found guilty in January 2014 of sexual assault and two counts of sexual exploitation of a minor while teaching in Rosemère, Que., a town near Laval.

She was accused of having a relationship with a 15-year-old student who told police he and Pontbriand had more than 200 sexual encounters between 2002 and 2004.

Her sentence was handed down on Friday in a Gatineau, Que., courtroom. She also received two years probation.

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Creepy Father Arrested for Allegedly Secretly Videotaping Adult Daughter Nude

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hiddencamfrom – A 50-year-old Vermilion man was charged with voyeurism Aug. 28 after his wife allegedly found his flash drive containing videos of their adult daughter nude in the bathroom.

Police were dispatched to Aldrich Road, where a woman told police she suspected her husband was cheating on her and had her son search through her husband’s electronic devices to find evidence of the alleged relations, according to a Vermilion police report.

The woman said she found a flash drive in the master bedroom she shares with her husband, whose name police asked remain withheld to protect the identity of his daughter.

The woman said she plugged in the drive and found a document describing how her husband made a “peephole” in the bathroom so he could watch his daughter in the bathroom while she is nude, the report said.

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Nina Elle – False Positive, Moratorium Lifted

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ninaelleMike South reports: This JUST came to me from her agent.

This is good news and the moratorium has been lifted.

But PLEASE people  do NOT ever shoot when you are experiencing flu like symptoms.

With Porn Producers Fleeing L.A. in Droves, Why Aren’t They Coming to Toronto?

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pornsignfrom – Pornography and Rob Ford have this in common: In the world’s eyes, both define the places where they’re from.

For Mr. Ford, that’s Toronto. For porn, it’s L.A.

The adult industry has long been synonymous with Los Angeles. It’s Hollywood’s dirty first cousin, a doppelganger with a little more grime. But that may not be true for much longer.

Adult film and video producers are fleeing L.A. in droves. They’re seeking out new homes all over the world — in other parts of the United States, in South America, in Europe.

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Former Playboy Model Brandi Brandt Gets Six Years for Drug Smuggling

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Brandi Brandtfrom – Former Playboy model Brandi Brandt [pictured] was sentenced to up to six years in prison Friday for being part of a drug smuggling ring that brought cocaine to Australia.

Brandt, who was once married to Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx, pleaded guilty in April to a charge of conspiring to import drugs. Prosecutors said she was part of a drug syndicate that hid packages of cocaine on Qantas and United Airlines passenger planes that flew from California to Sydney in 2007.

Employees of an airline catering company allegedly collected the packages after the planes landed.

The California-born Brandt, 45, was accused of conspiring with others to import the cocaine between July and December 2007.

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Futurama Gets the Woodrocket Adult Parody Treatment

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futxxxLos Angeles – Prepare yourselves for naughty space crustaceans, naked robots, a sexy Cyclops, and the most luscious live-action cartoon characters in the universe! is bringing sexy back in a Sci-Fi way, with the adult parody of the popular television series, Futurama, entitled F**karama.

Created by the team behind the XXX parody of The Simpsons, F**karama is an all-female, quite often naked, live-action Cosplay photo shoot that spoofs and pays homage to the beloved cult classic cartoon. And it is now available for Free to view on

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From Canada – U.S. Porn Industry Shuts Down Filming after HIV Rumors

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internetporncomputerfrom –  The U.S. porn industry has been put on hold amid rumors another actor has tested positive for HIV.

An immediate and indefinite moratorium has been placed on all filming after the positive test.

Diane Duke, CEO of the industry’s trade body The Free Speech Coalition, tells the Los Angeles Times that while they are still awaiting for confirmation test results, they are “taking every precaution to protect performers and to determine if there’s been any threat to the performer pool”.

She continues, “We take the health of our performers very seriously and felt that it was better to err on the side of caution.”

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APAC Requests Solidarity During Moratorium

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pornshootfrom – The Adult Performer Advocacy Committee (APAC) is requesting that all adult performers honor PASS’s call for a moratorium and treat each other with compassion and respect during this time.

When an industry moratorium, especially one related to HIV, occurs, performers are often concerned about their health, the health of their co-workers, their financial security, and public perception of the porn industry. Fear and mistrust are understandable reactions. Desire for facts and belief in rumors when no facts are available are also understandable reactions.

The only facts available at this time are that a positive HIV result has been reported to the FSC and that a call has been made to stop all production while a confirmatory test is done.

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AHF Sounds Off: “How Many More?” on Latest Porn HIV Infection

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Michael Weinsteinfrom – Two weeks after California Assembly Bill 1576, Assemblymember Isadore Hall’s bill to require condoms in all adult films made in California, failed to get out of the Senate Appropriations Committee—effectively killing the bill for this year—another adult film industry-related HIV infection has been identified in a performer working in the industry, which prompted the Free Speech Coalition, the adult industry trade group, to institute a moratorium on filming in the industry. Industry blogger Mike South first reported the possible HIV case in a performer and moratorium in a post earlier today. AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF), the primary sponsor of Hall’s stalled bill, vowed to carry on in its push for worker safety in the adult film industry, stating it will reintroduce the bill next year.

“It is almost one year to the date since Cameron Bay, another adult film performer—also working for Kink—sero-converted and became HIV positive while working in the industry. Two weeks ago, a statewide bill that would have strengthened and improved workplace safety for adult film performers like Cameron, Rod Daily, Derek Burts, Darren James and other individuals infected while working in the industry—including this latest individual—died in the Senate Appropriations Committee. To the adult film industry and to Cal/OSHA, we ask: how many more infections will it take before the industry will follow the law on condom use and that regulators like Cal/OSHA will act on updating its existing Bloodborne Pathogens regulations on these sets?” said Michael Weinstein [pictured], President of AIDS Healthcare Foundation. “For years, the porn industry has simply chosen to ignore these laws, with few, if any, repercussions. We vowed two weeks ago that would work with legislators to reintroduce similar legislation again next year and are proud of the fact that we moved this legislation farther along in this session than any previous year.”

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Sammy Hagar Must Face Ex-Playboy Bunny’s Lawsuit

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Sammy Hagarfrom – A federal appeals court revived a defamation lawsuit on Thursday against rocker Sammy Hagar, former lead singer for Van Halen, by a one-time Playboy bunny who claimed he fathered her son.

The 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said a lower court judge erred in dismissing claims by the woman after Hagar, 66, accused her in his 2011 autobiography “Red: My Uncensored Life in Rock” of extortion by naming him as the father.

Identified as “Jane Doe” in court papers, the woman claimed she had an intermittent five-year affair with Hagar in the 1980s, and became pregnant with his son after a June 1988 Van Halen concert in Detroit. She lived in Lansing, Michigan, at the time and later moved to Waterloo, Iowa.

Writing for a three-judge appeals court panel, Circuit Judge Myron Bright said the woman could pursue claims of libel, invasion of privacy and breach of a confidentiality agreement.

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Detention Center Guards Arrested on Allegations of Sex with Inmates

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prisonsexfrom – Several detention officers at a New Mexico jail are accused of using the facility as their personal sex service.

At least three officers at the Sierra County Detention Center in Truth or Consequences are said to have bribed or threatened female inmates into having sexual relations with them.

Two of the officers are already confirmed to be in custody, according to court records: 38-year-old Virgil Eaton and 22-year-old Miguel Herrera. 23-year-old Justin Corley has a warrant out for his arrest.

The Herald of Tuth or Consequences wrote in a Facebook post Thursday that all three were in custody. A Wednesday article by The Herald said another man, 19-year-old Kennedy Griffis, had been charged with two counts of trafficking a controlled substance into the jail.

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Katie Couric Accused Diane Sawyer of Exchanging Oral Sex For Interviews

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diane_sawyer_x200from – Katie Couric and Diane Sawyer have been two of the most respected names in broadcast news for several decades, but a new tell-all book claims that the iconic journalists sank to stunning lows while fiercely competing with one another early in their careers.

In The News Sorority, veteran journalist Sheila Weller levels some startling accusations at Couric, Sawyer and CNN’s Christiane Amanpour.

Newly released excerpts from the book aren’t flattering for any of the women involved, and one anecdote in particular has caught the Internet’s attention in a big way:

“When Diane beat Katie on an interview with a 57-year-old woman who’d given birth to twins,” Weller writes. “Katie mused aloud, according to a person who heard the comment: ‘I wonder who she blew this time.'”

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Hot to Trot Teach Gets 6 Years for Inappropriate Behavior with Student

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Margaret Lamantiafrom – A former substitute teacher at Hilton Head Island High School was sentenced Thursday to up to six years in prison for sending a student a partially nude photograph of herself and asking him to buy her marijuana.

Margaret LaMantia [pictured], 24, pleaded guilty in Beaufort County court to disseminating harmful material to a minor and contributing to the delinquency of a minor while she was a long-term Spanish substitute at Hilton Head High last year. Judge Brooks Goldsmith sentenced LaMantia under the Youthful Offender Act, which allows for her release at any point during the sentence.

In a prepared statement, 14th Circuit Assistant Solicitor Patrick Hall said, “Not only is she going to prison, but these convictions should ensure that she never works around children again.”

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Will Ryder Heaps Heavy Praise on American Hustle XXX Cast *Watch the Trailer

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AmericanHustleLos Angeles – “Brilliant, fantastic, completely accurate and totally believable”, are just some of the adjectives used by adult movie director Will Ryder to describe the acting performances delivered by his stellar cast in the big budget American Hustle XXX Porn Parody due in stores September 4th from Smash Pictures.

The hard core comedy action thriller is a spoof of the Hollywood original which received 10 Academy Awards.  Early indications are that this might be the biggest blockbuster Smash Pictures has ever had.  It certainly could be the best and most entertaining parody of the year.

“Tommy Gunn, Ryan Mclane and Van Wylde are so believable in their roles made famous by Christian Bale, Bradley Cooper and Jeremy Renner that you might think this is the David O. Russell Hollywood movie until they pull out their cocks,” Ryder joked. “That is pretty much the only indication that this is not the mainstream movie.”

Check out the fast-paced free hardcore trailer along with some viewing options or go to and click on the DVD icon.

“I will put this movie and these acting performances up against any in the industry this year because they are that good,” Ryder claims. “I am so proud of this cast.”

Aaliyah Love and Penny Pax are perfection in the roles made famous by Hollywood’s Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Adams and deliver award-worthy performances and sizzling sex scenes.  The director, the movie’s co-producer Scott David and Stuart Wall of Smash Pictures were all in agreement on the casting of this movie.

“We nailed this,” Wall exclaimed.

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