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The Delightful Teal Conrad Live On Snapgirlz

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tealconrad109newFeaturing in July at Sacramento Gold Club

Los Angeles – Ever since word got out that Teal Conrad was signing on with SnapGirlz fans have been salivating, dreaming of the day when they’d be able to get personalized social media from one of the most beautiful, funny and interesting girls currently working in the adult entertainment. This week Teal is happy to announce that the wait is finally over!

“I was really excited when I heard about the SnapGirlz service and all that it does,” Teal said. “I’m already using it and I can tell that it’s going to be a blast for both me and for fans.”

SnapGirlz is a revolutionary new service that allows performers to monetize their social media. Teal’s fans can get in on the fun now for just $15 a month, gaining access to exclusive content daily, Seating is limited to maintain a more intimate experience than other social media.

“I’ve got new updates with pictures and videos of me and my friends every single day,” Teal promises. “I love connecting with all my fans. They’re literally the best fans in all of adult. That’s why I’ve got some amazing stuff planned out for this summer. I can’t wait to share it with you. Hurry and sign up now so you don’t miss anything!”

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Super Villain Leia Down Plots July Takeover!

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LEIA DOWNLos Angeles – Starting at 12:01am, it’s officially Super Villain Leia Down’s July Takeover…of the world of MyFreeCams. And, you can help her steal the title of Miss MyFreeCams for the month of July. Leia Down’s fans, who are affectionately known as the Bangerang Gang, can help her get to the top by tipping her on MFC from July 1st through July 31st.

Leia will be rewarding her fans for their support. Based on the amount of tips, fans can take advantage of some amazing prizes including her CD entitled “Sexual Sounds of Leia Down”, one of two hard drives containing five years of her adventures and kinky exploits, 25 new autographed photos, Bangerang tees and mouse pads, posters inspired by Leia’s comic book, and much more. To get these prizes, you can win them as a giveaway with raffle tickets purchased with tokens, or use your tokens to purchase them. Fans can also play games like Plinko, Spin the Wheel and Punch a Fucker every day for special prizes throughout the month.

If Leia wins the title of Miss MyFreeCams, the three highest tippers will win a date with Leia. Winners will get a travel/lodging budget and their choice of activities, including a day at the beach, an afternoon on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood or a trip to an amusement park. If Leia doesn’t win, the highest tipper will get a date with her.

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Report: Narcissists Watch More Internet Porn

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Narcissistsfrom – Sometimes science confirms the things we might have guessed: A new paper found that narcissists watch more online pornography, and the more internet porn people watched, the more narcissistic they tended to be.

The researchers, from the University of Houston–Clear Lake, tested narcissism levels on the participants, most of whom were heterosexual women between 18 and 61 years of age, using a standard 40-item questionnaire. They found that the higher respondents scored on the narcissism scale, the more likely they were to say they’d ever watched pornography; this held true even when excluding answers from men, who in this study and previous ones cop to watching more porn. And among the people who watched porn, higher narcissism was correlated with more hours watching internet porn.

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Six People Arrested Protesting Kink’s Prison-Themed Pride Party

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kinkfrom – At least six people were arrested in San Francisco on Saturday after protesting a prison-themed Pride party organised by

The protestors are members of queer activist group Gay Shame who felt that the party’s theme trivialised the real struggles faced by LGBT people in the prison system. Prior to the event, the group had written the following:

“While trans women and gender nonconforming people of color are kidnapped, tortured, brutalized and murdered by the prison industrial complex, KINK.COM and SF PRIDE have once again turned these genocidal practices into a cash-making joke.

They mockingly invite people to ‘get arrested’ and enjoy ‘Solitary confinement, showers, jailbreak, love and lust, freedom and confinement’ at their ‘Prison of Love’ Pride 2014 party.”

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Condom Innovator Says Gates Foundation Award Winners Stole His Idea

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condomfrom – One long night in the late ’90s, Coconut Grove native Robert “Beau” Thompson was “absolutely hammered” and about to get very lucky with the beautiful daughter of an oil tycoon. In the darkness Thompson fumbled for a condom, but he couldn’t tell which side was up. Forced to resign himself to a window to be guided by the glow of a streetlight, Thompson had an epiphany: “There has to be a better way.”

After the incident, Thompson, now in his late 40s and a master carpenter by trade, spent years developing a better condom, one that was so easy to put on that even someone drunk and in the dark couldn’t mess it up.

Eventually he came up with a new design, incorporating handle-like tabs on each side of the rubber, and in 2005 founded Grove Medical LLC to produce the brand, called Sensis. He registered a patent for “tactile orientation” condoms, referring to the condoms’ apply-by-feel innovation, and spent countless hours tinkering with equipment to devise a way to mass-produce the rubbers.

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Suicide Girl & Feature Dancer Bambu Jessica Performs Live at Trixie’s Gentlemen’s Club July 4th & 5th

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trixiesNew York – Celebrate Independence Day Weekend With Bambu Jessica At Trixie’s

Centerfold Strips Feature Entertainer Bambu Jessica will be feature dancing at Trixie’s Gentlemen’s Club in Louisville Kentucky on Friday July 4th 2014 and Saturday July 5th 2014.

Bambu Jessica will be performing three shows nightly. Between shows she will be mingling with the guests, taking photos and doing lap dances. “I can’t wait to rock the stage at Trixie’s and party with my fans!” says Bambu. These shows will definitely be standing room only – so make sure to get there early.”

Bambu Jessica is a world famous Suicide Girl performer.

Her many credits include –

Live Performances:

Bambu Has Toured Europe with the Fuel Girls and Masters of Dirt Motor Sports and Suicide Girls. Performed for 3 ongoing/weekly shows on the Las Vegas strip and is a featured performer at The Act Nightclub. Countless Nightclubs, Casino’s, and Events Globally!

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Strippers on Drugs Run Over Man in Separate Cars

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topless-dancersfrom – Two eastern Illinois women have pleaded not guilty to aggravated driving under the influence after police say they ran over a man in separate cars after leaving a bar where they worked as topless dancers.

According to The News-Gazette, 18-year-old Alisha Desiree Bolton of Rantoul and 25-year-old Chelsea Dohman of Urbana were arraigned Thursday in Champaign County court.

Urbana police say the women left the Silver Bullet bar in Urbana around 2:15 a.m. on Jan. 25.

According to police, Bolton drove into 20-year-old Dylan Lyons of Tilton as he got out of a car. Then, police say, Dohman’s car struck Lyons.

Neither was arrested immediately, but police say tests later revealed cocaine in Bolton’s system and marijuana in Dohman’s.

Lyons suffered brain injuries and multiple broken bones.

Politicians Who Make Porn Stars Wear Condoms Ignore the Real HIV Problem

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pornsignfrom – If porn performers had a health and safety mantra, “your health is your wealth” would probably be it. Which is why it’s worth taking seriously the many “porn stars” who oppose a California bill allegedly designed to better protect their health and safety by mandating condom use and the reporting of sexually-transmitted infections tests in the porn industry.

The legislation – which the state assembly passed in May and cleared one of two necessary state Senate committees here on Wednesday – requires that performers use condoms during filmed anal and/or vaginal sex scenes and employers provide information that they did so; that employers pay for HIV testing; that performers consent to disclose to the state’s occupational safety board that they took HIV tests; and that the board can require employers to disclose “any additional information” they require (which presumably will be the results of any positive tests). The stated purpose of the bill is to reduce the transmission of sexually transmitted infections and HIV because, its authors claim, “the industry has never offered a single reasonable suggestion to universally protect its workers and now opposes the very STD testing protocol that they developed and inconsistently use”.

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The Distinguished B. Skow Releases ‘Sweetness and Light’

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sweetlightcoversmallAVN Gives His ‘Austin Powers XXX’ a Perfect AAAAA Review

Los Angeles – The next installment in director B. Skow’s collection of greatness has hit the streets with the release of Sweetness and Light (Skow for Girlfriends).

This movie fits in with his not-so-ordinary edgy couples’ movies like What Do You Want Me To Say?, Voila, and Paint, all of which have all done extremely well with critics and have received many awards nominations.

The movie stars Brooklyn Chase, Siri, Alektra Blue, Karla Kush, Belle Noir, Alan Stafford, Seth Gamble and Evan Stone—all names well known for their acting abilities as well as strong sex scenes.

“I think Brooklyn is one of the best all around female performers and her beauty and natural acting abilities really draw you into the story and the sex,” Skow says. “Siri and Belle are sexy and funny. I love working with both of these girls because they both are able to get into any crazy characters and truly love lesbian sex.”

He says Karla has become one of his go-to girls for wild character parts and he is amazed how she understands what he’s trying to get out of her every time.

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Peter de Rome: The ‘Grandfather of Gay Porn’ Dead at 89

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DeRomefrom – Several claims can be made for the achievements of the erotic film pioneer Peter de Rome, who died June 21st aged 89. But perhaps the most significant is that the gay porn industry we know today can be traced back directly to him. Prior to de Rome there were amateur loops and the occasional artistic experiment, e.g. Jean Genet’s “Un chant d’amour” (1950). But it was de Rome’s short films which inspired Wakefield Poole to make “The Boys in the Sand” (1971), the first hardcore porn movie to cross to the mainstream. This was the gay equivalent of “Deep Throat” (which Poole’s film preceded).

De Rome was also responsible for inventing at least two elements that became gay porn staples. An often audacious film-maker, he used secretly filmed footage of a famously reclusive movie star, and men having real sex on the New York subway, in his productions. But although his work was superior to that of almost all his porn contemporaries, de Rome was only briefly a “name”. His stature as an erotic artist was recognised as he neared the end of his life.

Born in Juan les Pins, France, and raised in Kent, England, de Rome was a lifelong film fan, playing truant to go to movies, sometimes with a boyfriend. He knew before he reached teenage that he was gay and always claimed that his sexuality was never an issue. (He testified for the Wolfenden Committee, which recommended the decriminalization of homosexuality in the UK). He began as a stage actor but soon switched to film publicity and in 1957 took the opportunity to move to New York to work for producer David O. Selznick. He divided the rest of his life between New York and Kent.

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Idiot Claims Prosties Beat & Robbed Him: He Gets Arrested for Solicitation

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Prostieassaultsfrom – A 55-year-old north suburban man told police he hired two prostitutes, only to have one of them steal his money while the other battered him, the News-Sun is reporting.

James Latona of Beach Park now faces solicitation charges, while the two women face a number of charges, according to the Lake County Sheriff’s office.

The investigation began Wednesday after a woman called police claiming she was battered and sexually assaulted, police said. Sheriff’s deputies responded about 9:45 a.m. to the area of Green Bay and Kenosha roads in Beach Park.

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Hot to Trot Band Teach Charged with Playing Lucky Student’s Skin Flute

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BandTeachfrom – Michelle Strickland [pictured], 23, is charged with improper relationship with a student for allegedly engaging in an ongoing sexual relationship with one of her students.

Strickland was an assistant band director at Stratford High School. According to court documents, Strickland and an 18-year-old male student carried on their relationship on school grounds during the spring semester of 2014. Prosecutors say the investigation was prompted by an anonymous email sent to the school principal in April.

Spring Branch ISD Police reportedly found Strickland and her band student often would engage in sexual contact — including oral sex and kissing — on school property, in one of the storage rooms in the band hall. The investigation revealed the two had intercourse at the student’s home over spring break.

Spring Branch ISD Police Chief Chuck Brawner said, “The student admitted to it. She denied it.”

During the investigation, a review of the student’s cell phone confirmed the continued sexual communication between Strickland and the student.

“The text messages were explicit,” Chief Brawner added.

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Bing Better Than Google When It Comes to Searching for Porn

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Bingfrom – You know those Bing commercials where they try to convince you that Bing is better than Google, and you just want to tell them, “Stop trying to make Bing happen; it’s not going to happen”? Well, it turns out that Bing actually does appear to have one truly significant advantage over Google after all: it’s way better at helping you find porn. Who’d have guessed?

According to the citizens of the Internet (who you’d expect to know these things; the Internet is for porn after all), Bing is just better at bringing you porn. Though it’s uncertain why, exactly, that might be, the reigning theory online is that it has to do with Google’s filters. According to Redditor professorzweistein, “google [sic] introduced filters a while ago that remove a lot of porn from search results even if you have safe search turned off. Bing did no such thing and actually gives you the porn you’re looking for.”

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Porn Actors Fear Pro-Condom Bill May Do More Harm Than Good To Adult Film Industry

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condomfrom – Adult film star Lorelei Lee, along with more than 500 porn performers, is fiercely working to strike down a bill that would make condoms in porn a requirement rather than a choice. Although it seems strange that porn stars are objecting to a law meant to protect their health, and even lives, one has to admit that Lee does has some valid points as to why AB 1576 may not be such a good idea after all.

Lorelei Lee’s transition to political activities isn’t the first time the adult actress has broken down porn stereotypes. In 2009, the Buffalo, N.Y., native enrolled at the prestigious New York University to pursue a Master’s Degree in Fine Arts, the NY Daily News reported. Today, she stands as an advocate against the passage of AB 1576, a bill that would mandate condoms and STD testing in the California adult film industry.

The law, which will be voted on tomorrow, sounds amazing, right? Well, maybe not so much. According to Lee, instead of protecting porn stars, the bill’s passing will further endanger them by pushing more production companies to shoot illegally. “When our jobs are illegal, they not only become more dangerous, they also become more stigmatized,” Lee told Salon. The actress feels that porn stars already face enough discrimination in areas such as job and housing applications.

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California’s Condoms in Porn Bill (AB 1576) Clears Senate Labor Committee

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HallCalfrom – California Assembly Bill 1576, a landmark bill that clarifies and strengthens state worker safety laws requiring condoms in all adult films made statewide in California, cleared the state Senate Labor and Industrial Relations Committee earlier today in a 3 to 1 to 1 vote and will now move on to the Senate Appropriations Committee. Assemblymember Isadore Hall, III (D-Los Angeles) from California’s 64th Assembly District, authored the bill, which he introduced in mid-February.

Senate Labor Committee members Ben Hueso (D, San Diego, 40th District, Chair), Holly Mitchell (D, Los Angeles, 26th District) and Alex Padilla (D, Pacoima, 20th District) voted in support of the bill with Mark Leno (D, San Francisco, 11th District) voting against the bill, and Mark Wyland (R, Carlsbad, 38th District, Vice Chair) abstaining.

“Today, the Members of the Senate Labor & Industrial Relations Committee overwhelmingly saw beyond the adult film industry’s flaccid misinformation campaign and took decisive action to protect these actors in the workplace,” said Assemblymember Isadore Hall, III in a statement. “I want to thank the many actors that testified in support of AB 1576, especially Ms. Sofia Delgado, who courageously came forward today to announce that she was the third of five adult film actors to have contracted HIV in 2013. She, along with former actors Cameron Bay, Rod Daily and others have shown an incredible amount of character to be able to share their very personal challenges in hopes of saving the lives of others.”

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Smokin’ Hot to Trot Teach Charged with Five counts of Making a Lucky Student’s Summer Vacation Unforgettable

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Kathryn-Ronk-jpgfrom – Madison Heights police say a Bishop Foley High School teacher is accused of having sex with a 15-year-old student in her classroom.

Kathryn Ronk, 29, has been charged with five counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct, a felony that could carry a sentence of life in prison.

Police said Ronk, a Spanish teacher, allegedly engaged in multiple sex acts with a student. She no longer teaches at Bishop Foley.

Ronk turned herself into police on Wednesday. She posted bail and was released, but required to wear a GPS tether.

from – A female teacher at a Catholic school in metro Detroit accused of having a sexual relationship with a male student has been charged. 

After the Madison Heights police investigation concluded, The Oakland County Prosecutors Office charged 29-year-old Kathryn Ronk, of Birmingham, with five counts of first degree criminal sexual conduct, a felony punishable by up to life in prison.

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The Astonishing Ryder Skye Takes Over Vivid Radio Show This Friday

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ryderskye104This Week’s Topic: Doing Anal for the First Time

Los Angeles – This Saturday Ryder Skye is going to lose her Porn Valley anal virginity. On Friday she’ll be hosting on Vivid Radio—and hoping to get some great advice from listeners on how to approach that first rear entry.

Ryder will be guest hosting on Vivid Radio this Friday at 1 pm PST, filling in for Ashley Blue’s “Blue Movies” show. The following day, Ryder’s on-screen anal debut will be with monster-cocked Keiran Lee for Brazzers’ Pornstars Like It Big site.

“Since it is the day before I shoot the Brazzers scene I decided to make the topic of discussion anal first experiences,” Ryder said. “It’s going to be a show where people can call in to tell me about their first time giving/getting and offer any advice. I hope they have some good ideas because this is going to be a big scene!”

Vivid Radio airs on Sirius XM channel 102. Go to for more information.

Recent Ryder releases include She Divorced Me So I Fucked Her Hot Slutty Attorney (Lethal Hardcore) and MILFs Love It Harder #4 (North Pole).

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June is for the Intoxicating Jessa Rhodes

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jessa101Stars in Movies From New Sensations, Hustler, Porn Pros & Many More!

Los Angeles – Jessa Rhodes stars in a flood of new releases, and the hits are pouring down for the scrumptious starlet.

The month kicked off with Devil’s Pin Up Dolls (Devil’s Film) and Secret Life of a Lesbian (Pink Velvet) in the first week. The following week, Turning Girls Out was released by Filly Films.

The middle of the month had hits like Girlfriend Experience (Porn Pros) and Young Sex Freaks (Aire Rose Entertainment).

This week there are two sizzling new Jessa releases: More the Merrier (Nubile Films), a scene with Scarlet Red and Tyler Nixon, and Hustler’s Girl on Girl: Paint (Hustler), the latter directed by Stuart Canterbury.

Next week fans can look forward to seeing the Hustler Honey in She’s Trending from New Sensations.

Next month’s movies include Sisters of Anarchy (Digital Playground), a parody directed by Bonnie Rotten.

Watch the trailer for More the Merrier at The Sisters of Anarchy trailer is at

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The Amazing Jodi Taylor Stars in ‘Couples Seeking Teens 15’

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joditaylorNew Sensations Releases ‘Love Is in the Air’ This Week

Los Angeles – Jodi Taylor’s big June is turning into a big July with a string of big-time releases.

This week New Sensations releases Love Is in the Air, directed by Jacky St. James. The movie is part of the wildly-popular Tales from the Heart series.

“You won’t want to miss Jodi’s charming performance as a young woman paranoid that her longtime boyfriend is about to break up with her,” said the award-winning director.

Next week she stars in Couples Seeking Teens 15 (Reality Junkies), which was directed by Bobby Manila. Her co-stars are Natasha Starr and Ramon.

“The best thing about this scene were my fellow talent,” Jodi said. “I’ve worked with Ramon many times and I adore him, but it was my first time working with Natasha and I have been waiting forever to get my hands on her! She was even better than I imagined. It was also so fun because both Ramon and Natasha have the sexiest accents. The Bobby kept joking that they looked and sounded like foreign spies that had kidnapped a little American girl.

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Porn Star ‘Activists’ Criticize Condom Bill Before Senate Vote

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HallCalfrom – Critics of a Southland lawmaker’s bill to require condom use in pornographic films shot in California spoke out today against the legislation, saying it criminalizes the work of adult film performers and citing privacy concerns.

“We are not being heard by many in the Capitol. If they refuse to listen to us, we will show up on their doorstep, we will speak out until they recognize the legitimacy of our voices,” adult film performer Lorelei Lee said.

Nina Hartley, a porn star and activist, told Video News West that current practices, including regular testing for sexually transmitted diseases, protects performers.

“We cannot make it risk-free. Unless I’m going to be celibate my whole life, on camera or off camera, being sexual with another person contains risk,” Hartley said.

Hartley, along with fellow adult entertainment stars Nikka Albrite, Alex Chance, Charli Piper and Mia Li, on Monday delivered a petition to Assemblyman Isadore Hall’s [pictured] office, asking the Compton Democrat to withdraw AB 1576.

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