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8 Most Popular Black Adult Film Actresses of 2014

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SkinDiamond1from – America has an obsession with porn. Although it’s considered taboo in many circles, it’s an industry that continues to generate billions. According to a study done by Covenant Eyes, the adult film industry has annual revenues of $10 billion in the U.S. alone.

Although the industry can be unforgiving for some actors who fail to profit from the risqué business, some actors have found ways to gain some mainstream notoriety.

Here is a list of the eight most popular black adult film actresses of 2014.

Skin Diamond [pictured] modeled for Louis Vuitton, American Apparel and Atsuko Kudo before delving into porn. She is one of the few black porn stars to get main stream attention. She was portrayed as Echo in the Marvel Comics miniseries Daredevil: End of Days, and B.o.B featured her in his video, “John Doe.”

Roxy Reynolds has appeared in more than 100 films. In 2012, she was featured in Maxim as one of the top porn stars.

Ana Foxxx is another model-turned-porn star. She started in 2011 and has performed in 21 films thus far.

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Not So Hot to Trot Teach Charged with Sexually Exploiting Terribly Unlucky Student

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mandy-davenport-mugfrom – A former Ankeny teacher has pleaded not guilty to a charge of sexual exploitation.

Mandy Davenport’s [pictured] written plea was entered in the case Wednesday, court records show.

Davenport, 33, was a high school language arts teacher in Ankeny. is facing charges of sexual exploitation.

Police said a 17-year-old male student at Ankeny High School made allegations against Davenport who moved to Ankeny Centennial this year and resigned after the charges were filed.

Her trial is set for July 28.

Zalman King’s Pleasure or Pain Starring Kayla-Jane Danger Comes to DVD

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kayla_jane_danger5Los Angeles – Premiere Magazine once called Zalman King “the high priest of erotic film-making” for directing and producing scintillating projects like “Two Moon Junction”, “Nine ½ Weeks”, “Wild Orchid” and “The Red Show Diaries”. In 2012, he passed after making his last opus, “Pleasure or Pain”, which had multiple exclusive screenings on Cinemax last month. Starring Kayla-Jane Danger (under the name Kayla-Jane), Malena Morgan, Christos Vasilopoulos and Elle Alexandra, the erotic drama is about a beautiful, young designer lured into a torrid and intense affair with a charismatic, successful man. The movie has been dubbed a “9 ½ Weeks for the new millennium”.

“Pleasure or Pain” is now available on DVD. Kino Lorber is distributing the title, which is currently available for pre-order for $26.95 on Amazon and streets next week. It is available by going to

“Many people missed the Cinemax screening last month, so I’m pleased that the movie is now on DVD and more people will be able to see it,” says Kayla-Jane Danger. “Working with Zalman was a dream come true and I’m very proud of my performance in the film. I hope all of Zalman’s fans and mine will buy it on DVD.”

The goldRush Rally begins today, and Kayla is the spokesmodel and host. Keep up with all the adventures by going to Also check out their website and Facebook page

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Bonnie Rotten Scores Great Review for ‘Lesbian Adventures’

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BonnieRotten‘She Swallows Sperm’ Closes in on Chart’s Top Spot; DVDASA Podcast

Los Angeles – Bonnie Rotten is no stranger to great reviews—she is, after all, the reigning Performer of the Year—and a new review of Lesbian Adventures: Strap-On Specialists 6 (Sweetheart Video) from Adult DVD Talk has some fun with that.

Directed by Dana Vespoli, the scene has Bonnie and her girlfriend Bailey Blue breaking up—over the sex!

“Bailey is racking up for a game of pool, but Bonnie interrupts here and I think she has something else in mind!” bono-ONE writes. “The girls lean in for a sexy kiss, falling onto the pool table. Bailey doesn’t want to do it there and the girls have a few heated words. The girls are a couple, but the sex just isn’t doing it for Bailey anymore. This doesn’t please Bonnie, especially when Bailey suggests they see other people, ouch, don’t you know she’s the Performer of the Year!!!”

No one dumps on the Performer of the Year, especially for a lack of spark in the bedroom (or on the pool table, as the case may be)! Bonnie is able to win back her lady with a combination of tongue, strap-on and pure Bonnie Rotten lust.

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The Seductive Teal Conrad Secures Four-Night Feature Gig for Sacramento Gold

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TealConradHer Mainstream Movie, ‘Neighbors,’ Tops $100 Million at Box Office

Los Angeles – In the past month Teal Conrad has appeared in Hollywood’s #1 movie and been seen at a Los Angeles Kings playoff game with Logan Henderson of Big Time Rush. Now she’s getting ready to do what she does best: hit the stage.

Teal will be featuring at Sacramento Gold in Rancho Cordova for four wonderful nights, July 16-19.

Teal appeared in the movie Neighbors with Seth Rogen, Zac Efron, which has done more than $100 million dollars at the box office since its release earlier this month when it debuted at #1 with a $51 million dollar opening weekend.

She was later seen at a Los Angeles Kings playoff game with friends that included Logan Henderson of the smash Nickelodeon tv show and ensuing boy band Big Time Rush and partying together afterwards.

Don’t miss Teal at Sacramento Gold this July 16-19. The club is located at 11363 Folsom Blvd, Rancho Cordova, CA 95742. Go to for more information.

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Farrah Abraham: I’m not a porn star, I’m a sex symbol

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farrahabrahamfrom – Farrah Abraham has gone from reality star to sex tape star to her latest career: author of erotic novels. But the former ‘Teen Mom’ – now 22 – said she is not looking to other writers for inspiration. Not even trailblazing porn-star-turned-best-selling-author Jenna Jameson.

“I have not read her work. I try not to read so many other different books talking about sex and fantasies and those things because I’m trying to do something in my own way,” Abraham told FOX411. “I stay true to myself.”

“I really enjoy at this time of my life writing about sex,” she added. “I think it’s because I’m 22, and kind of single. What better to express yourself in a positive way than writing.”

The last way Abraham chose to express herself, by having sex on camera with porn actor James Deen, earned the single mom intense criticism, as well as the dreaded label “porn star.” But its a label Abraham rejects.

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Idiot Psychologist Suspended after Prostie Runs Off with Laptop Holding Patient Info

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prostiefrom – A Washington state psychologist has been suspended after a prostitute took off with the laptop — containing the health information of his 652 clients – he told her to hold until he returned from an ATM with cash, the state Department of Health charges.

Sunil Kakar, a psychologist from Gig Harbor, initially told police the computer was swiped after he left this car unlocked, but later he admitted the prostitute took it on Feb. 4, while he used an ATM, The Seattle Times reported.

The report said he did not tell anyone the laptop was missing for three days, which is a violation of his contract.

Police were able to locate the laptop.

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Statute of Limitations Saves Animal Killing Fetish Porn Stars – Offers Sob Story: “We’re the victims”

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Read the Back Stories HERE and HERE

Sara Zamorafrom – Two South Florida models won’t be prosecuted for their roles in twisted fetish films that depicted women engaging in sex acts while torturing and killing farm animals.

Prosecutors on Thursday dropped all charges against Stephanie Hird and Sara Zamora [pictured left], arrested and charged last month by investigators looking into the filming of so-called animal “crush” videos.

Investigators said last month that Zamora, 28, and Hird, 29, tortured and killed bunnies, fish and chickens during the shooting of a series of films made by a South Florida boat captain and sold on a site called “SOS Barn.”

Police said Zamora cut a chicken’s neck using hedge clippers and karate-chopped bunnies while engaged in a sex act with a man. Hird was accused of squishing live fish while dressed in a skimpy outfit, torturing rabbits, shooting rats and setting a pile of the wounded rodents on fire, according to a warrant.

But in interviews outside a Miami courtroom, both women denied doing anything criminal and said the films were made as long ago as 2004 – long past the statute of limitations had run out against animal cruelty charges.

“We’re the victims,” said Zamora, who denied being involved in any sexual acts during the production of the films. “We were manipulated and convinced that these things were alright. And unfortunately they were very wrong and now we have to pay the consequences, even if it was 10 years ago.”

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Sex.XXX Domain Sells for $3 Million: Part of $5 Million Deal

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sellxxx-logoLos Angeles – The domain, one of the top-rated adult domains on the Internet, has been acquired by Barron Innovations as part of a groundbreaking $5 million, multi-year deal with ICM Registry (“ICM”).

The $5 million deal includes more than 40 Premium Generic Keyword Domains and the highly desirable accounts for $3 million of the total. Other notable names include, and, all of which attracted six-figure sales prices, as well as,, and

According to Stephen Winyard, director of ICM, the organization is pleased to announce this deal with Barron Innovations, which is connected to one of the most prestigious, well-established and highly successful groups in the adult entertainment industry. “The group has held its top position for most of its 15 -year existence,” says Winyard, “and we are happy to have completed this transaction with Barron Innovations. This deal follows on from the ever-increasing flow of significant premium names sales we are achieving now that we are into our third year of operation. It tangibly and irrefutably reinforces the performance benefits of .XXX names for members of the industry.”

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Jessica Fox Launches Website

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jessicaFox-199x300Los Angeles – Native American Transsexual beauty Jessica Fox has teamed up with the largest tgirl solo network, SMC, to launch her Official website

Fox has been part of the Industry for six years since she was nineteen.

Since her debut to the scene she has captured fans with her exotic beauty and charming personality. Members can take advantage of her opening website cost of only 19.95.

This year Jessica has made appearances in such DVD’s as “T-Girl Hotties #11″ and “Transsexual Cheerleaders 14″.

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While Rome Burns: Peter Acworth Writes Another Open Letter to Michael Weinstein

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Michael Weinsteinfrom – One day after the quiet passage of AB 1576 by the California State Assembly, CEO Peter Acworth has once again taken up the pen to address one of the bill’s most prominent proponents, AIDS Healthcare Foundation president Michael Weinstein [pictured].

Acworth addressed Weinstein earlier this month in an open letter with the intention of spurring open dialogue. Weinstein has yet to reply.

In his second open letter to Weinstein published today, titled “Dear Mr. Weinstein: You’re Lying,” Acworth writes, “Given the lack of ongoing dialog, it is clear that my attempts to open a channel of communication with you are unlikely to succeed. I am left with no alternative but to air my concerns publicly.

“You and I both care about the well-being of performers in the adult industry. However, as I listened to the ongoing testimony over AB1576 and read your statements in the press, I am dismayed. Until now, I looked at our disagreement over condoms in adult film as disagreement in principle. I no longer think of you as someone with whom I have an intellectual disagreement: I think of you as someone who willfully misrepresents facts to justify a political position.”

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Condom Vote: Porn Valley Politicians Show Little Support for Industry

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HallCalfrom – The bill to require condoms in adult films seems to have divided the California Assembly’s Democratic members from the San Fernando Valley, the unofficial capital of the porn industry.

When AB 1576, by Isadore Hall [pictured], D-Compton, passed the Assembly on Wednesday, Raul Bocanegra, D-Arleta, and Mike Gatto, D-Burbank, voted for it. Matt Dababneh, D-Van Nuys, and Adrin Nazarian, D-Van Nuys, effectively opposed it by abstaining from voting.

Ironically, Bocanegra and Gatto are the authors of legislation that would increase tax credits to (non-porn) movie and TV producers to try to reverse the entertainment industry’s flight to other states and countries.

Fear that the condom requirements would cause the adult entertainment industry to flee Southern California — where it is a significant contributor to the economy — is one reason the editorial board has opposed these laws. That and the belief that condom-free pornography does not present a serious public-health hazard.

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Nikki Benz Unable to Register in Mayoral Race

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nikkibenzRead the Back Story HERE 

from – She’s not in the mayor’s race yet.

Porn star Nikki Benz tried to register to run for Toronto’s top office on Wednesday but ran into City Hall’s red tape.

Benz – who was raised in Etobicoke but now works in L.A. – had paperwork issues when she arrived at the city’s election services office to sign-up to run against Mayor Rob Ford and dozens of other candidates vying to win the mayor’s race.

It wasn’t immediately clear if she’d be back to officially throw her hat in the ring.

Before getting a rough ride from city bureaucrats, Benz gave a brief scrum telling reporters why she wants to run for mayor.

“I can do a great job at running the city,” Benz said. “If Rob Ford can do it, I can do it.”

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PVM Healthy Minute – Truvada: The New ‘Anti-HIV’ Pill That No One Is Taking Or Talking About

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Truvadafrom – Ever heard of a pill called Truvada? Probably not. And you’re not alone, most people haven’t and no one seems to be taking it—or talking about it. But someone should really throw this thing into the spotlight, given what it can purportedly do.

In short, Truvada is a pill that is said to be 99% effective in halting the transmission of the HIV virus.

And guess who is being targeted?

That’s right—porn stars. Gay porn stars to be exact.

A recent documentary put out by Fusion TV follows the lives of San Francisco-based gay porn stars, Max Cameron and his partner Andy Sebastian. Max is HIV-negative, and Andy is HIV-positive. But that doesn’t stop them from being intimate.

Besides maintaining an active sex life with one another, Max and Andy are involved in a profession that demands they also do so at work. Needless to say, that can get complicated.

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ADT Interviews the Incredible Brandi Love

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BrandiLoveFeatured in ‘Mother’s Day 2’ From Wicked This Week

Los Angeles – Adult DVD Talk was finally able to have their way with Brandi Love and the results are some fascinating insight into the MILF superstar.

Brandi discusses how even after she had been doing her own website for years, it took a year and a half of Naughty America’s pleading before she finally did her first scene for a production company. And, yes, she was scared.

“I was terrified!” she tells Captain Jack at ADT. “I walked in to do the scene and there was a lighting guy and a camera guy and a production assistant and I hadn’t even met the male talent yet. It was a little overwhelming. I was very nervous, but at the same time I was very excited. I’m a bit of an exhibitionist, obviously, and within a matter of minutes, it was more of a turn-on than anything else.”

She calls herself a “full-body cummer,” saying she feels it “from my eyebrows down to my toenails.” She says she’s not necessarily multi-orgasmic, so she goes “for the gusto with one massive one.”

She also discusses acting roles she’s recently taken on, like This Ain’t Game of Thrones XXX (Hustler), directed by Axel Braun, and the upcoming Aftermath (Wicked), director Brad Armstrong’s monster project of 2014.

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Bill Adds ‘Selfies’ to California Revenge Porn Ban

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revengepornfrom – Legislation that updates California’s ban on so-called revenge porn to clarify that it includes “selfies,” or pictures taken by the victim, has passed the Senate.

SB1255 by Sen. Anthony Cannella follows his legislation last year, which was signed into law by Gov. Jerry Brown.

That made it a misdemeanor to post identifiable nude pictures of someone else online without permission with the intent to cause emotional distress or humiliation. The penalty is up to six months in jail and a $1,000 fine.

Cannella, a Republican from Ceres, has said revenge porn is a growing problem in the age of social media, when private photos and videos can find their way onto the Internet.

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Report Claims Bot Manipulated Bitcoin Price on Mt. Gox

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bitcoinfrom – A new report claims that the meteoric rise of Bitcoin in November 2013 was not caused by a number of high-rolling human traders known as Bitcoin “whales,” but rather from a bot designed to manipulate the market.

This same bot, and the parties behind its development and operation, may also have been responsible for the unprecedented theft of millions of dollars’ worth of Bitcoin from the Mt. Gox exchange earlier this year, the report alleges.

The accusations, posted on a WordPress site via a one-page blog titled “The Willy Report” and reportedly authored by a Bitcoin trader who claims to have analyzed leaked trading logs from November, says a bot named “Willy” is to blame for the digital currency’s extreme volatility.

“Somewhere in December 2013, a number of traders including myself began noticing suspicious bot behavior on Mt. Gox,” the author said, who remained anonymous. “Basically, a random number between 10 and 20 bitcoin would be bought every 5-10 minutes, non-stop, for at least a month on end until the end of January.”

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Fleshbot Gets Exclusive on New Trailer From B. Skow

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proudparents‘Proud Parents’ Tackles the Issue of Porn Padres’ Daughter Going Hardcore

Los Angeles – In his latest movie, director B. Skow tackles another ripped-from-real-life event with the issue of a girl whose parents are both in the adult industry actually getting into the jizz biz herself.

Proud Parents (Skow for Girlfriends) stars Casey Calvert as the daughter looking to follow her parents’ lead by becoming a porn star. Moving ahead with a documentary crew and without the permission of her unsuspecting parents, Casey takes the dark ride into the other Hollywood.

“These are issues that people in the adult industry have always faced and it’s an angle that will interest just about anyone,” Skow says. “How are we supposed to handle it if our kids want to follow in our footsteps? It raises a lot of really interesting questions—and makes a great premise for a movie.”

The trailer is currently running exclusively on Fleshbot, which points out that the movie, “which was inspired by true events, continues the button pushing, taboo busting films that B. Skow has been doing of late, not unlike another recent film Daddy’s Girl.”

The movie also stars Keisha Grey, India Summer, Lily LaBeau, Aiden Ashley, Steven St. Croix, Kurt Lockwood, and Scott Lyons.

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XCritic Raves About Carter Cruise’s ‘Awesome’ Scene

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cartercruise101New Sensations’ ‘Cute Little Babysitter 3’ Recommended Viewing

Los Angeles – Carter Cruise is making friends and fans everywhere she goes her performance in The Cute Little Babysitter 3 (New Sensations) is also bringing in some converts.

Reviewer Bobby Blake had plenty of great things to say about Carter’s scene, which he writes was the strongest in the movie, which was directed by Eddie Powell and features Carter on the cover.

“The sex throughout this scene has an authentically intense feel to it that will make fans of Carter’s even bigger fans, and those who haven’t see her before want to see more of her,” Blake writes. “The scene features a deviation from what we’re used to seeing in most of Eddie Powell’s scenes, making for one of the best scenes I’ve actually watched from him.”

Carter shares what Blake calls an “awesome scene” with Toni Ribas.

“Toni’s continued rise in status is definitely noted here,” he continues, “but the actions and expressions I’m seeing in Carter seem to have the makings of something more than your prototypical ‘teen’ star nowadays. It was a scene that really jumped out for me, simply because of her ability to really show an immersion of sex as her scene progressed. I absolutely loved it.”

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6 Hours of Bella French on Live Cam Today

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bellafrenchricksclubSunday Event in Quebec; First Butt Plug Vid on This Week

Los Angeles – Bella French is currently the most-viewed and -downloaded girl on and there are a lot of reasons for that, the most important being that she is mesmerizingly sexy.

Anyone with a computer can be a part of the Bella experience this week when she puts on a wild, six-hour cam show this Wednesday. The live show will be 5 pm to 11 pm ET (that’s 2 pm to 8 pm Porn Star Time, for you West Coasters). Go to Get on the bandwagon now before the wheels fly off.

The following day, will be adding a new Premium Member and debuting many new changes to the website. The site was launched only seven months ago and is becoming bigger and bigger very fast with 15,000 members and over 75,000 unique visitors every month. And Bella is tops on the site.

“I am very happy to promote the site and invite all the independent cam models and porn stars out there to join,” the sexy Canadian says. “This site is all about offering a great platform for us girls to make sales and promote ourselves. Having many different channels to reach fans is definitely the best way to go.”

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