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New Glam Photos on Official Dylan Ryder Site

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Ryder Skye

Ryder Skye

Hosting Sin City Parties During 2015 Adult Entertainment Expo

Los Angeles – Fans may still be longing to see Dylan Ryder doing scenes again, but they will be happy that she is active again, featuring last week and this week posting new glam photos on her official site.

She rocked Larry Flynt’s Hustler Las Vegas during a several-night engagement. This week she has a great set of new photos on her site. Next week fans attending the Adult Entertainment Expo will have the opportunity to see her in person.

She will be hosting two parties during the 2015 Adult Entertainment Expo. On Jan. 23 she’ll host a cocktail party at Fizz Lounge inside Caesars Palace from 9 to 10:30, then she will host at Chateau nightclub inside Paris Las Vegas from 11 to 2 am.

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Ryder Skye to Debuts New Talk Show

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Ryder Skye

Ryder Skye

Show Features Industry Workers for Candid Look at Industry

Los Angeles – It was only September when Ryder Skye was announced as the new co-host of the long-running Last Call show on Cyberstation USA and now she can announce that she’s going solo.

In December she will debut “Ryde Along w/ Ryder Skye,” a show that gives 100 percent creative freedom to Ryder as she takes her legendary personality to the airwaves on her own terms. It airs Fridays 8 to 9 pm PST.

“I will be interviewing various people from the adult world to give outsiders an inside look at the industry through the eyes of those working in it,” Ryder said. “What will be different about my show is that I will be talking to people from every area of the industry, not just performers, so listeners can take an honest look at the real adult industry and how different people view it from each individual point of view.

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Ryder Skye Airing on Gamelink’s Fap 5 Show on Playboy Radio

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Ryder Skye

Ryder Skye

Also: Hosting Halloween Party With Will Ryder & Friends

Los Angeles – Media marvel Ryder Skye is appearing this week on the Fap 5 show on Playboy Radio.

Ryder has made quite a stir with her interviews recently from both sides of the microphone. She was on the interviewee end for a two-hour, all-things-revealed interview with Yoshi recently. She’s also made her mark as the interviewer as she co-hosts the Last Call show with Chris Connor.

Listeners to Playboy Radio will be able to hear her on Gamelink’s Weekly Fap 5 with Alexia Stetzel, They’ll cover the current top five most viewed movies on Gamelink and Alexia will toss a few questions at Ryder, who’s capacity for answering is unmatched in the adult industry.

“It’s true, I do really love to do interviews, no matter which side I’m on,” Ryder says. “I find people interesting and I like to talk, so it’s really natural for me. Even if I try not to open up I still end up revealing all my secrets!”

Fans will also be able to hear the interview for free at

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Ryder Skye Singing a Sweet Tune With ‘Jersey Boys XXX’ Coming Out

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JerseyBoysXXXEarly Review Calls It ‘Blockbusting’! Ryder ‘Struck Gold Again’!

Los Angeles – Ryder Skye has had an illustrious comeback year and it appears that the biggest movie of her year is right around the corner as Not Jersey Boys XXX A Porn Musical nears release.

Directed by Will Ryder, the father of the modern porn parody, Jersey Boys XXX has already received its first perfect 5-star review, this from Art Kock at the All Adult Network.

“Director Ryder has had immense success with his string of parodies of films, TV shows, etc. over the past few years,” Koch writes. “Recently he ventured into the musical parody arena with the likes of Grease XXX and Not the Wizard of Oz XXX. Now he comes out with another blockbusting musical parody of the hit Broadway show and Clint Eastwood-directed mainstream film.”

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Boo! Heart-Stopping Ryder Skye and the Great Halloween Bash

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RyderSkyeHalloweenInterview With Fighter Randa Markos Can Be Heard This Friday

Los Angeles – If you like your scary with a side of sexy for Halloween, Ryder Skye will be leading the charge to give you what you want.

On Friday, Oct. 31, fans will be lining up to get into Heaven & Hell, the official movie release party for Not the Jersey Boys & XXX Groupies and Not Traci Lords XXX. Ryder has a starring role in Jersey Boys, which will be released Oct. 21. The party will be at the Playhouse in Hollywood.

Among those expected to join Ryder at the party will be Ron Jeremy, Kimberly Fattorini, Lindsey Knight, Caitlin O’Connor, Erica Grisby, Melisaa howe, Nasia Jansen, Tiana Nicole, Alena Savostikova, Carmen Caliente, Aubrey Addame, Mila Blaze, Nadia Styles, Penny Pax and Cameron Dee.

Ryder’s work as a radio host continues as a co-host of the Last Call show. She recently sat down with UFC The Ultimate Fighter season 20 female Strawweight (115 pounds) fighter Randa Markos. The fighter has gained mainstream notoriety for upsetting the #3 ranked women on the season’s tournament to crown a Strawweight champion as well as being an Iraqi born Christian whose family fled to Canada at age 3.

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Did the Magnificent Ryder Skye Reveal Too Much in Yoshi Interview?

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Ryder Skye

Ryder Skye

Join the Fun: Make a List of All the Things You Learn About Her in Two Hours

Los Angeles – Ryder Skye is generally a very open person—it’s part of her charm, what makes her so unique and fascinating—but even she sometimes wonders if she’s gone too far.

After a long and winding two-hour interview for the Yoshi Didn’t Podcast, the adult superstar was wondering if maybe she’d said too much.

“I know that in general it’s a good thing to be open during an interview, but I think maybe I went too far this time,” Ryder said. “There are a lot of things that I really never talk about, especially publicly.”

She goes into some of the more typical stuff, too, but in her typically atypical way.

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Superstar Ryder Skye Lands Co-Host Gig with Last Call on CyberStationUSA

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ryderskye104Hot Interview Leads to Regular Gig for Popular Superstar

Los Angeles – The multi-talented Ryder Skye is adding another dimension to her illustrious career: She’s becoming a part of the media covering the industry.

Known as one of the industry’s most articulate performers, she’s always been a favorite interview for journalists, good for a quote or a long form interview. Her 2014 comeback has been full of great articles and interviews and now she’s getting the opportunity to be on the other side of things.

Sports Swami, whose long-running Last Call show airs on CyberStationUSA, has asked Ryder to be a part of the team.

“Ryder has already stepped in and is a natural,” Swami said.

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No Surprise Ryder Skye’s Debut Anal Scene Pounding Out Great Numbers

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ryderskye104New Backdoor Star Getting an A for Her Effort

Los Angeles – The debut of Ryder Skye’s first ever anal performance has been online nearly a week and has had more than 100,000 views and has received a 92.4% approval rating, giving her a solid A. How appropriate.

The longtime pro had never tried anal sex on or off camera, making her derriere debut for Brazzers’ Milfs Like It Big site a true anal debut. In the scene she and Keiran Lee have a first date that gets a little dull until they play a game of truth or date. Soon after Keiran dares her to deep throat him, he gets to explore her other holes and a dull date turned into a night of scorching sex.

“I’m really happy to see that people are reacting so positively to the scene,” Ryder said. “When you do something new you’re always a little nervous, but it looks like everything went really well!”

Check out Ryder’s anal debut, “Dare for a Big Dick,” at

Read her most recent ADT interview at

For bookings contact Ryder directly at

For everything Ryder go to Her official website is For up-to-the-second updates, follow her on Twitter (@ryderskyexxx).


Brazzers Ready to Bust-Out Ryder Skye’s Anal Debut

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ryderskye104Grand Opening of Superstar’s Rear Entrance Goes Live This Friday

Los Angeles – From the first day a girl enters the adult industry she is barraged with one question more than any other: Do you do anal?

Ryder Skye held out longer than most and now, almost seven years into a legendary career in the adult industry, the world is about to be given the opportunity to see her first-ever anal sex experience.

It was Brazzers who finally won her over with an offer to do her backdoor debut with Keiran Lee. The super-endowed star brought an inimidating 10 inches of cock to the scene, which was shot earlier this summer for Brazzers’ Milfs Like It Big site. This Friday it goes live.

“I had about six and a half years to prepare for this scene but just off the official date we confirmed, I had a good two months,” Ryder said. “When it was a little over a month away from the shoot date I took my virgin ass to the Pleasure Chest and after playing twenty questions with the salesgirl I purchased a butt plug. I woke up the Saturday morning of the scene and the first thing I noticed was a Pleasure Chest bag…still with the unopened butt plug box in it.”

That lack of preparation made Ryder an extra virgin at the time of her early morning call time. Unprepared, nervous, terrified—Ryder was on the edge of what could have been a disaster, but she was in good hands.

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Captaining of Her Own Ship: Ryder Skye Doing All Her Own Booking

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ryderskye104Brazzers Anal Scene on the Way; New ADT Interview Online Now

Los Angeles – Directors and producers looking to book Ryder Skye should not be confused if they see her on the website of an agency: Make no mistake, Ryder is booking all her own scenes now.

She has been doing her own booking for months now and has scored some great scenes. Still, it seems she continues to run into people who are trying, unsuccessfully, to book her through agencies.

“I’ve been taking care of my own booking for quite a while now,” Ryder said. “I know it’s confusing for people when they see me listed on an agency’s site and I want to get the word out once and for all that I am the one and only contact for booking my scenes.”

Ryder can be booked at

She recently performed in her first-ever anal scene, taking on monster-cocked Kieran Lee for Brazzers’ Pornstars Like It Big site. Look for it soon at

She was interviewed for AdultDVDTalk again this month, with Captain Jack doing the honors of serving up the questions. Among other things, she looks back at the original decision to become a porn star.

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The Beguiling Ryder Skye Bares All in Conversation With AdultDVDTalk

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ryderskye104ADT Interview Covers All the Bases, Clears the Dugouts

Los Angeles – Ryder Skye is not only one of the most popular and diverse performers of the past decade, she is also one of the most interesting.

In the second interview with AdultDVDTalk in as many months, Captain Jack mixes up the fastballs and curveballs and a prepared Ryder knocks one after the other out of the park.

In high school, kids thought she was smart because she’s Asian (she wasn’t). She lost her virginity at 16 and got her first breast enhancement at 18. At one point her parents thought maybe she was a lesbian (because she wasn’t dating anyone) and the first time she kissed a girl it wasn’t exactly the kind of thing Katy Perry songs are made of.

Like Henry Chinaski and Santa Claus, she spent some time in the toy business. It was her boredom with that job and a dare that first pushed her into the adult industry.

“It was a dare,” she says. “My ex-husband and I ended up at a strip club and he asked if I thought I could do that. I said I don’t think so and he agreed with me so then I said, ‘Well, maybe I can!’ So I ended up trying it and I liked it, especially when you have a day job that’s so boring.”

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Big 10 Inch: The Captivating Ryder Skye’s Anal Virginity Blasted Away

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ryderskye104Keiran Lee Gives Her 10 of 10 in ‘Pornstars Like It Big’ Scene

Los Angeles – The much-anticipated opening of Ryder Skye’s ass for business had its ribbon-cutting ceremony over the weekend just before Keiran Lee went to town with his famous 10-inches for a scene produced for Brazzers’ Pornstars Like It Big site.

It would be an understatement to say that Ryder went in with a little trepidation. She was downright scared, yet she pulled it off like a champ.

“There was plenty of time to get ready to take 10 scary inches of actual cock,” Ryder says of her two months notice before the actual performance. “But have never been big on gradual, long term preparation. I’m pretty sure I can blame my lack of preparation on a combination of fear and denial.”

While she was 30 minutes late for her call time when she couldn’t figure out how to work the enema, she quickly got up to speed and, thanks to Keiran’s help and her years of professional experience, she had a day more fantastic than she had ever imagined.

“When it finally came down to it, all I can really say was that Keiran was amazing with me,” Ryder says. “He was a total pro, made me feel totally comfortable in what I anticipated to be a terrifying situation. So before I knew it he was slamming 10 inches of cock into my ass, no problem, I had a great day, and I am really glad Keiran popped my anal cherry.”

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The Astonishing Ryder Skye Takes Over Vivid Radio Show This Friday

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ryderskye104This Week’s Topic: Doing Anal for the First Time

Los Angeles – This Saturday Ryder Skye is going to lose her Porn Valley anal virginity. On Friday she’ll be hosting on Vivid Radio—and hoping to get some great advice from listeners on how to approach that first rear entry.

Ryder will be guest hosting on Vivid Radio this Friday at 1 pm PST, filling in for Ashley Blue’s “Blue Movies” show. The following day, Ryder’s on-screen anal debut will be with monster-cocked Keiran Lee for Brazzers’ Pornstars Like It Big site.

“Since it is the day before I shoot the Brazzers scene I decided to make the topic of discussion anal first experiences,” Ryder said. “It’s going to be a show where people can call in to tell me about their first time giving/getting and offer any advice. I hope they have some good ideas because this is going to be a big scene!”

Vivid Radio airs on Sirius XM channel 102. Go to for more information.

Recent Ryder releases include She Divorced Me So I Fucked Her Hot Slutty Attorney (Lethal Hardcore) and MILFs Love It Harder #4 (North Pole).

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The Alluring Ryder Skye Ready for First-Ever Anal Scene

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ryderskye104From Porn to Dinosaurs to Zombie Movies, Nothing Is Missed

Los Angeles – Ryder Skye is about to lose her anal virginity on camera and she’s going to do it in a very big way.

Ryder won’t just be opening her backdoor, she’s going to have it pounded down by Keiran Lee. She’s about two weeks away from the grand opening, which will be shot for Brazzers’ Pornstars Like It Big site.

“I was really excited when Keiran approached me about doing my first anal scene with Brazzers,” Ryder said. “It is a great company to work for and I always end up with a great scene with them. I will also be working with Keiran for the first time, which I am both excited and nervous about since my little ass is being de-virginized by his super-sized cock. I admit that it’s a little intimidating. It will be some kind of adventure, to say the least!”

Ryder recently did some fill-in work on Vivid Radio and fans can look forward to hearing more of her on the network. Go to for more information.

Read the recent AdultDVDTalk interview with Ryder at

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Adult DVD Talk Interviews Ryder Skye

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ryderskye104From Porn to Dinosaurs to Zombie Movies, Nothing Is Missed

Los Angeles– The media can’t get enough of Ryder Skye and the comeback queen is happy to oblige.

This time, it was Keith Mason from Adult DVD Talk who drilled Ryder on important topics such as how she entered the adult industry, where she grew up, her latest projects and, naturally, her thoughts about zombie movies.

Ryder reveals that she lost her virginity at her “first opportunity,” at 16, and comes from Japanese-European stock, born and raised in Porn Valley.

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‘Tutor’ Ryder Skye Stars in New North Pole Movie

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ryderskye104Comeback Star Shows That ‘MILFs Love It Harder’

Los Angeles – When you’re having a difficult time with your studies there is no shame it hiring a tutor. If that tutor happens to be a super hot, amazingly horny smart chick, all the better!

In MILFs Love It Harder #4 (North Pole), Ryder Skye is that hot-n-horny teacher and she can help you reconsider how you view your science class.

“I played a tutor helping Jessie Jones with his biology homework,” Ryder says. “It then goes into a dream sequence where I magically appear in lingerie and tell him how much I want to bang the hell out of him.”

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Ryder Skye Stars as the ‘Hot Slutty Attorney’

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ryderskye104Arbitration Hearing Leads to Sexy Legal Misconduct

Los Angeles –  In the world of divorce proceedings and the clients and attorneys who take part in them, anything can happen. Just ask Ryder Skye, the hottest attorney you could ever have.

Ryder stars in the just-released She Divorced Me So I Fucked Her Hot Slutty Attorney (Lethal Hardcore), the last word on abusing client-attorney privilege. Someone call the American Bar Association!

“I played a lawyer who was working on a divorce case and was defending the wife,” Ryder said. “Her husband shows up at my office to talk about the case. We go back to my hotel room and, well, one thing lead to the other. Let’s just say I did not file any objections!”

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Ryder Skye Returning to Evil Angel Radio This Friday

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RyderSkyePVM.pngStarlet Looking for the Spanking She Was Promised

Los Angeles – Ryder Skye will be back on the radio this Friday, joining Glenn King and Aiden Starr on Evil Angel Radio.

This will be her second time on the show, which is touted as one of the most popular shows on all of satellite radio.

“Ryder is one of our all time favorite guests,” King said. “She’s always fun and we never know what kind of trouble she’s gonna get us into. We just know that when she comes on the show is a non-stop party!”

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Ryder Skye Steps Into Out of the Box Podcast

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ryderskye104Future Sex Therapist Has Plenty of Solid Advice

Los Angeles – With Ryder Skye’s comeback in full swing, everyone wants to catch up and find out what makes her tick. Turns out a lot of things—she’s a beautiful and complex woman!

Naturally there was a lot of sex talk and even after years of revealing herself in every which way for the screen, even hardcore fans are going to discover that there are quite a few things they don’t know about Ryder.

“We discussed the general topic of sex, porn sex and how it is different than regular sex,” Ryder said. “Then we got into my goal of being a sex therapist one day when I actually graduate. We talked about fetishes and how to talk to your significant other about a particular fetish you may have, and on that same subject what to do if your partner is unable to fulfill your fetish needs. It was a great discussion overall.”

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Ryder Skye Stars in New Mainstream Music Video

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ryderskye104A. Gully Taps Superstar for Sexy Role in ‘Or Nah’ Vid

Los Angeles – When they needed a hot, sexy girl for the lead in A. Gully’s new music video “Or Nah”, Ryder Skye was the obvious go-to girl.

The video tells a story that essentially leads Ryder thru various scenarios—pole dancing, bathing, crawling, to name a few, that build-up to a sexy solo too hot for YouTube, forcing the band to cut a second version. The SFW shows up on the popular video site, while the uncensored original plays on A. Gully’s official site.

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