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WikiLeaks Proposes Tracking Verified Twitter Users’ Homes, Families and Finances

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From – WikiLeaks wants to start building a list of verified Twitter users that will include highly sensitive and personal information about their families, their finances and their housing situations.

“We are thinking of making an online database with all ‘verified’ twitter accounts & their family/job/financial/housing relationships,” WikiLeaks tweeted Friday.

The disclosure organization run by Julian Assange claims that the information will be used for an artificial intelligence program. But Twitter users immediately fired back, saying that WikiLeaks would use the list to take political vengeance against those who criticize it.

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Swedish Couple Dressed as Pigs Have Sex, Cause Traffic Jam, Scare Pokemon Go Hunters

Follow us on Twitter @PornValleyMedia Send email to: – It’s not often that something stops traffic in Insjön, a small hamlet in Sweden.

However, last Friday, motorists were shocked to find two people having sex by the hamlet’s waterwheel.

Wait, it gets weirder.

The couple were wearing pig masks and t-shirts that said King and Queen, and, earlier in the evening, were allegedly screaming and waving a green laser around in a local park.

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Former ‘Porn King’ Pleads Guilty to Manipulating Stock

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Jason Galanis

Jason Galanis – Jason Galanis, dubbed “Porn’s New King” in 2004 for his investments in Internet porn technology, pleaded guilty Thursday to manipulating shares of publicly traded company Gerova Financial — one day after his 73-year-old dad copped a plea in the same case.

“I knew the conduct was not correct. I wasn’t aware of statutes, but I knew the behavior was incorrect, possibly illegal,” Galanis, 46, told a Manhattan federal judge.

On Wednesday, his dad, John “Yanni” Galanis, pleaded guilty to creating false demand for Gerova’s stock by bribing investment advisers to purchase it for their clients.

The dad’s lawyer said he admitted guilt to protect another son, Jared, who was charged in the same complaint along with a third son, Derek.

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AIDS Healthcare Foundation Opposes Preventing AIDS

Follow us on Twitter @PornValleyMedia Send email to: – Just yesterday we called access to PrEP a critical human rights issue, that’s why we support California’s AB 2640, a bill that would ensure that people who test negative for HIV receive information about PrEP and PEP (pre-exposure and post-exposure prophylaxis). Even though the Centers of Disease Control say that gay and bisexual men should take PrEP to prevent HIV transmission, The AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) — the world’s largest AIDS service provider — opposes this legislation and their reason is absurd.

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What A Surprise: GOP Platform Declares Porn ‘Public Health Crisis’

Follow us on Twitter @PornValleyMedia Send email to: – The Republican Party will declare internet pornography a “public health crisis” under an amendment added to the draft party platform Monday at preliminary meetings in Cleveland.

North Carolina delegate Mary Frances Forrester successfully proposed the amendment in a subcommittee of the platform committee Monday morning.

“The internet must not become a safe haven for predators,” the provision states. “Pornography, with its harmful effects, especially on children, has become a public health crisis that is destroying the life of millions. We encourage states to continue to fight this public menace and pledge our commitment to children’s safety and well-being. We applaud the social networking sites that bar sex offenders from participation. We urge energetic prosecution of child pornography which closely linked to human trafficking.”

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ISIS Twitter Accounts Go Gay After Hacking Spree

Follow us on Twitter @PornValleyMedia Send email to: – Hackers broke into over 200 ISIS Twitter accounts, putting up pro-LGBT messages as well as links to gay porn sites. This comes in the wake of the Orlando shooting, where a disgruntled American pledged his support to ISIS over a 9-1-1 call and then proceeded to kill 49 clubgoers and injured 53 others at the gay nightclub, Pulse. While the ISIS internet presence on Twitter had initially been in support of the gunman, they were soon singing a different tune once hackers were through with them.

“I did it for the lives lost in Orlando,” Anonymous hacker WauchulaGhost told Newsweek. WauchulaGhost replaced the pro-ISIS imagery and propaganda with images of gay pride rainbow flags and pro-LGBT messages. “Daesh [ISIS] have been spreading and praising the attack, so I thought I would defend those that were lost. The taking of innocent lives will not be tolerated.”

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Jury Convicts Two Men of Slaying ‘Cathouse’ Star Brooke Phillips, Three Others

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Brooke Phillips

Brooke Phillips – An Oklahoma jury convicted two men of killing four people in a 2009 drug house killing spree whose victims included a former prostitute featured on the HBO reality show “Cathouse,” court officials said Tuesday.

Denny Phillips and Russell Hogshooter, who could face the death penalty, are set for sentencing proceedings starting Tuesday by the same jury that convicted them late on Monday. Prosecutors said the two men stabbed, shot and set their victims on fire.

The target of the attack was Casey Barrientos, 32. Phillips and Hogshooter also killed three women at the house to prevent them from being witnesses, prosecutors said.

Among the victims was Brooke Phillips, 22, no relation to Denny Phillips, who was featured on the cable television reality show about a legal brothel in Nevada called Moonlite BunnyRanch. She was pregnant at the time, as was victim Milagros “Millie” Barrera, 22. Also killed was Jennifer Ermey, 25.

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Porn Isn’t a Public Health Hazard, It’s a Scapegoat

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Gail Dines

Gail Dines – Is pornography a public-health crisis? Of course not. While it is not surprising to see the Utah legislature unanimously declare it one — the anti-pornography movement has been quietly building momentum for a state-by-state takeover for some time — what remains shocking is the perceived legitimacy of anti-porn activists, despite the profound unreliability and inconsistency of their hyperbolic claims about porn’s harms to society.

How has a movement based on such shaky theoretical ground succeeded in a massive campaign to convince the public that sexually explicit media is responsible for an epidemic of sexualized violence against women and children; the rise of a zombie army of emotionally robbed and sexually desensitized men; and the explosion of an underworld of prostitutes trafficked directly from porn sets to street corners across the nation?

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Murder Trial of ‘Cathouse’ Prostitute Opens in Oklahoma

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Brooke Phillips

Brooke Phillips – Jury selection began on Monday in the trial of two men accused of committing six murders in a raid on a drug house, including the killing of a former prostitute featured on the HBO reality television show “Cathouse.”

Denny Phillips, 38, and Russell Hogshooter, 38, are accused of shooting four people in the 2009 attack in Oklahoma City, including Brooke Phillips, 22, who was featured in the reality show about Nevada’s legal brothel Moonlite BunnyRanch and was pregnant at the time of her death.

The other victims were Casey Barrientos 32, Jennifer Ermey, 25 and Milagros “Millie” Barrera, 22, who was also pregnant at the time.

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Nobody Cares About Gail Dines, Except for Maybe Utah

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Gail Dines

Gail Dines – Anti-pornography activist, lecturer, author, and professor, Gail Dines is on a one-woman mission to eradicate pornography from the face of the earth. But it turns out, shockingly, that nobody really cares about Gail Dines. Except for Mormons I guess.

It appears that Dines was at least partly behind the recent resolution in Utah to declare pornography a public health hazard. The resolution’s sponsor, Todd Weiler, had heard from Dines at an anti-pornography summit at the U.S. Capital Building in July 2015. He then returned to Utah to begin work on his new divine revelation that pornography is a “public health crisis.”

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Indie Rock Band YACHT Fakes Sex Tape Leak, Sparking Internet Outrage

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Indie rock band YACHT

Indie rock band YACHT – Indie rock band YACHT tried to pranks its fans, but ended up enraging them.

Marketing gimmicks in music are nothing new. Just last week, Radiohead slowly disappeared (then reappeared) on the Internet to promote a surprise album. And speaking of unanticipated releases, Beyoncé dropped her chart-busting “Lemonade” on a Saturday night along with an hour-long short film. But deleting one’s Facebook page or unexpectedly releasing an album isn’t generally called “reprehensible” or “horrific.”

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Ex-AHF Workers Sue Over Pay

Follow us on Twitter @PornValleyMedia Send email to: – Two former employees of the AIDS Healthcare Foundation have filed a lawsuit claiming they weren’t paid fairly when they worked for the nonprofit in Oakland.

In the their complaint, filed in late March in Alameda County Superior Court, David P. Cope and Patrick J. Tiongson say they didn’t get commissions or raises that had been promised to them, among other claims.

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Dallas Says Exxxotica Broke Promises With Pasties, Lewdness, So the City’s Ban Should Stand

Follow us on Twitter @PornValleyMedia Send email to: – Pasties, whipped cream and an oversized dildo, not the First Amendment, are the real issues at the heart of the Dallas City Council’s decision to ban the Exxxotica sex-expo from the city-owned convention center, according to the city’s response to a lawsuit filed by Three Expo events, the company that puts on the porn convention.

The City Council voted last month to ban the 2016 edition of Exxxotica from the city-owned convention center, where last year’s expo took place.

Exxxotica founder J Handy’s claims the city is violating his free speech rights; the city says Handy doesn’t deserve to have his First Amendment claims heard because last year’s edition of Exxxotica broke the rules Handy and the city agreed to and violated the city’s sexually oriented business ordinance.

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Ohio Man Charged with Trying to Extort Adult Industry Worker

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Dashawn Goins

Dashawn Goins – Authorities in northeast Ohio say a man has been charged with extortion for demanding money and sex from an adult entertainment worker.

A 23-year-old woman told Summit County sheriff’s deputies in Northfield Center Township that the man found videos featuring her and threatened to tell her friends and family about her involvement. Police say he wanted $800 and arranged a meeting to get the money and to have sex with her.

Deputies said they arrested him Thursday in a parking lot where the meeting was to take place.

Thirty-seven-year-old Dashawn Goins remained held Saturday in Summit County Jail. No attorney information was available.

Woman Runs Down Boyfriend Outside Strip Club

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Erikka Christine Hope

Erikka Christine Hope – A 24-year-old Palm Bay woman who police said confronted her boyfriend outside of a topless bar and then ran him over with a car in the parking lot of the business, remains jailed.

Erikka Christine Hope was charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, battery, leaving the scene of an accident with injuries and possession of a controlled substance, after Palm Bay police were called to Pin Ups Gentleman’s Club, 2586 Palm Bay Rd., to investigative reports someone had been run down with a car. Officers tracked Hope back to the home she shared with the man and was taken into custody, reports show. Hope, identified by a tattoo to her leg reading, ‘Still Standing,’ is being held on a $33,000 bond at the Brevard County Jail Complex in Sharpes.

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Jury Awards Hulk Hogan $115 Million in Gawker Sex Tape Suit

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Hulk Hogan

Hulk Hogan – A jury sided with ex-pro wrestler Hulk Hogan on Friday and awarded him $115 million in his sex tape lawsuit against Gawker Media.

The jurors reached the decision Friday evening, less than six hours after they began deliberations. The trial lasted two weeks.

Earlier Friday, in spirited closing arguments, lawyers for Hogan and Gawker discussed themes of personal life versus celebrity, and freedom of speech versus the right to privacy.

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Trial Between Hulk Hogan, Gawker Over Sex Tape Set to Begin

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Hulk Hogan

Hulk Hogan – After years of wrangling, a legal fight will play out in a Florida courtroom between former professional wrestler Hulk Hogan and the news and gossip website Gawker over a sex tape the celebrity made with the wife of radio personality Bubba the Love Sponge Clem.

The ex-wrestler, whose legal name is Terry Bollea, sued Gawker after it published parts of the video in 2012. The video was recorded in 2006. He says his privacy was violated, but Gawker says the publication was a legitimate scoop because Hogan had talked openly about his sex life before.

Hogan is seeking $100 million from Gawker for posting the video of him and Heather Cole, the ex-wife of Clem, Hogan’s one-time friend.

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Ted Cruz Kills Campaign Ad Featuring Former Softcore Porn Star

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Amy Lindsay

Amy Lindsay – It was a clever set-up for a negative ad from Sen. Ted Cruz’s presidential campaign — one that took aim at rival Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.): Seven people sitting in a circle, group-therapy style, talking about their past ballot box regrets.

“Has anyone else here struggled with being lied to?” the group’s leader asks.

“Well, I voted for a guy who was a tea party hero on the campaign trail,” a man in the circle of trust replies. “Then he went to D.C. and played patty-cake with Chuck Schumer and cut a deal on amnesty.”

“Maybe you should vote for more than just a pretty face next time,” a woman advises.

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Danica Dillion Drops Assault Lawsuit Against Josh Duggar

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Danica Dillion

Danica Dillion – The adult actress suing Josh Duggar for assault and battery has dropped her lawsuit against the former “19 Kids and Counting” star.

Danica Dillion was seeking $500,000 for emotional and physical damages she claimed to have suffered after a consensual sexual encounter with Duggar.

Earlier this week came news that Dillion wanted to drop the case with the option to refile, but Duggar’s lawyers wouldn’t let her, as they apparently had proof that Dillion lied about her claims. Now, TMZ reports that Dillion not only dropped her claim, but also promised to never to refile the case against Duggar and has acknowledged the documents Duggar’s lawyers intended to file proving her claims were false.

Dillion spoke to In Touch magazine in August, claiming Duggar “manhandled” her during a rough sexual encounter and telling the magazine she “felt as if she were being raped” in court documents filed in November.

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Strip Clubs Face Federal Lawsuit for Using Porn Star Photos without Permission

Follow us on Twitter @PornValleyMedia – Send email to: – A pair of Rockland County gentleman’s clubs are facing a federal lawsuit, according to an online report.

The New York Daily News is reporting that Lace Gentleman’s Club of West Nyack and Stiletto Palace Gentleman’s Club of Nanuet are accused of using photos of nearly two dozen adult industry stars without their permission.

According to the article, both clubs posted “sexually suggestive” photos of the women to draw in potential customers making them think the models were employed by the clubs when they were not.

The models are seeking monetary damages and also want the clubs to stop using their images.