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Playboy to Feature 1st-Ever Transgender Playmate

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Los Angeles – Playboy magazine will feature it’s first-ever transgender playmate. French model Ines Rau will appear in the November issue.

A top executive at the magazine said the decision is in line with their mission to embrace changing attitudes about sex.

The model described it as “a compliment like I’ve never had.”

Playboy tweeted the announcement Wednesday saying, “Being a woman is just being a woman.”

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Playboy Enterprises Is Awarded $19 Million Against Play Beverages/CirTran Beverage

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Los Angeles – The Circuit Court of Cook County in Chicago, Illinois increased the judgment in favor of Playboy Enterprises and against Play Beverages, LLC and CirTran Beverage Corp. to nearly $19 million.

Last October, a jury unanimously found that Play Beverages, LLC/CirTran Beverage Corp intentionally sold energy drinks under Playboy’s trademarks knowing the marks were counterfeit. Following that verdict, the Court issued a permanent injunction against Play Beverages, LLC, CirTran Beverage Corp. and persons associated with them, including their principal, Iehab Hawatmeh, along with their agents and distributors. The injunction orders them to immediately stop manufacturing, selling, promoting, and advertising all products and services in conjunction with the Playboy brand or any confusingly similar trademark. The injunction applies to Playboy Energy Drinks, as well as their use of the Playboy brand on any other products and services.

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Playboy Brings Back Nudes to Magazine

Playboy Magazine

Follow us on Twitter @PornValleyMedia – Send email to: – Playboy magazine is returning to its roots, bringing nudes back just a year after abandoning full frontal shots of women saying they had become outdated.

Under the headline “Naked is Normal,” the magazine will bring nude pictorials back in its March/April edition, the company said on Monday.

“I’ll be the first to admit that the way in which the magazine portrayed nudity was dated, but nudity was never the problem because nudity isn’t a problem,” Playboy’s chief creative officer Cooper Hefner said in a statement on the magazine’s website.

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Playboy Club to Reopen in New York City After 30 Years

Follow us on Twitter @PornValleyMedia – Send email to: – The world’s most famous Bunnies are coming back to the Big Apple.

The revamped Playboy Club Lounge and Supper Club is making its return to New York City after 30 years in midtown Manhattan’s new Cachet Boutique hotel slated to open later this year.

The newly designed space will feature a lounge, game room, full-service dining room, and plenty of Playboy Bunny servers, hosts and cocktail waitresses.

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Cooper Hefner Takes Over: Will Nudes Soon Return to Playboy?

Cooper Hefner

Cooper Hefner

Follow us on Twitter @PornValleyMedia – Send email to: – Playboy magazine raised several eyebrows when it launched a no-nudes policy back in March – but it could be set to revert to type.

After more than 60 years of featuring naked pictures, the publication ditched these earlier this year in favor of a more conservative approach.

But with the news that 90-year-old Hugh Hufner is stepping down as the magazine’s chief creative officer, to be replaced by his son Cooper, a U-turn could be on the cards.

Cooper, 25, was heavily critical of the no-nudes policy when it was introduced – a move which publishers hoped would attract a broader range of advertisers.

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Playboy Newsstand Sales Increase While Subscriptions Tank After Nudes Removed

Follow us on Twitter @PornValleyMedia – Send email to: – Americans are liking what they are not seeing in Playboy.

The 63-year-old men’s magazine has seen newsstand sales jump 28.4 percent in the first six months of its dropping nude photos from its pages, industry statistics show.

Yes, no nudes is good news for Playboy, which gained wider newsstand distribution once it said no to nakedness — starting with the March issue — and that has sparked an increase in single-copy sales, to 47,203 a month, according to the Alliance for Audited Media.

Unfortunately, barely 10 percent of Playboy readers these days pick up a copy on newsstands. Most readers are subscribers, and there the nudes — er, news — isn’t as sexy.

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Cooper Hefner Injects Creativity into Playboy

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Cooper Hefner

Cooper Hefner – Playboy yesterday unveiled its brand ambassador in Taiwan: Taiwanese model and singer Amber An, who rocked a catwalk in a black-and-white checkered ensemble, embodying the elements of playfulness, personal taste and casual elegance at the brand’s 2016 autumn fashion show.

Themed “Follow The Rabbit,” Playboy’s latest fashion collection helps the 63-year-old lifestyle and entertainment magazine reaffirm its place as a pioneer in couture. The Playboy magazine has long been recognized for its style, as well as sexual liberation, and was the very first publication to print Marilyn Monroe in the nude in 1953, the year it was founded. Playboy licensed its first products in 1955 and hit a peak in merchandised goods in the 1970s with an array of cosmetics, accessories, lingerie and other products.

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Playboy Mansion Back on the Market

Follow us on Twitter @PornValleyMedia Send email to: – Hugh Hefner’s deal to sell his iconic Playboy Mansion to his next door neighbor has unraveled faster than a bikini strap at one of his parties.

The $110 million transaction fell apart over the 90-year-old Lothario’s insistence of barring buyer Daren Metropoulis from too much access to the building, TMZ is reporting.

Sources told the gossip site that while the deal stipulated that Hefner would be allowed to stay for the rest of his life, Metropoulis pushed for more allowances than just renovations.

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Hugh Hefner’s Son Cooper Returns To Playboy as Chief Creative Officer

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Cooper Hefner

Cooper Hefner – After taking some time away from Playboy, Hugh Hefner’s son, Cooper, is back in the family business.

In an editorial on his website,, on Wednesday, Cooper, 24, announced that he will be stepping in as the company’s Chief Creative Officer.

“Several months ago I made the decision to part ways with a company my Dad founded more than sixty-three years ago,” he wrote. “The decision was a complicated one, but when I launched Hop, following my departure from Playboy, I chose to write about the rationale behind my choice in one of the first editorials I authored and published on this site.”

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Hugh Hefner Named In New Bill Cosby Lawsuit

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Hugh Hefner

Hugh Hefner – Hugh Hefner has been sued for allegedly “conspiring” to allow Bill Cosby to commit sexual assault on young women at his Playboy mansion.

Former model Chloe Goins, 26, filed a federal civil suit at United States District Court in California’s Central District against the embattled comedian last year (15), claiming she was just a teenager when Cosby allegedly forced himself upon her at a party held at Hefner’s Playboy mansion in 2008.

In the former dispute, she claimed she felt dizzy and sick after Cosby gave her a drink and escorted her to a room. The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office declined to file criminal charges in the case at the end of last year, and Ms Goins voluntarily dismissed her federal lawsuit without prejudice in February.

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Playboy’s Next Venture: Games, Video, Shows and Tech

Follow us on Twitter @PornValleyMedia Send email to: – Now that Playboy has said goodbye to nude images, the popular magazine has a lot of pages to fill. With a revamped website and a newly redesigned magazine, Playboy has been busy creating new content to appeal to younger audiences.

The company unveiled plans to offer a mix of original digital video offerings on its website, videos that will begin with the 2016-17 season.

Playboy’s reach, when combined with Playboy’s properties, hits more than 150 million consumers each month. The publisher hopes to leverage that captive audience to attract content creators and advertisers that may be hoping for more exposure with a young (mostly male) millennial audience.

Today’s event was emceed by Waris Ahluwalia, a designer and frequent Wes Anderson collaborator. Joined by British import Chelsea Leyland, who served as the DJ for the afternoon, the duo helped Playboy unveil its new venture.

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Naked Truth About the New Playboy

Follow us on Twitter @PornValleyMedia Send email to: – So Playboy cologne is still a thing.

Somewhere in America there remain enough men who think to themselves, I want to smell like that brand. Or maybe: Smelling like that brand will unlock for me the secret of beautiful women.

Discovering this is almost more surprising than Playboy, earlier this year, ditching full-on nudity in its magazine.

It was in looking at the remade magazine that I learned Playboy fragrances for him soldier on, a holdover from the days when that little bunny head symbolized sophistication rather than a sort of leering from the end of the bar.

I also learned that the longtime Chicago publication, now made in New York, is cheating on the idea of moving forward from nudity. This changeover was supposed to be a reaction to the Internet era, a time when human flesh is easily found and a magazine featuring it seemed quaint.

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Playboy for Sale, Reports Say

Follow us on Twitter @PornValleyMedia Send email to: – It broke boundaries, removed tops and bottoms, jumpstarted the sexual revolution, and published the occasional interesting article as well before abruptly covering up earlier this year. And now, after decades of provocation and titillation, it appears Playboy — not just the magazine, but the company — is for sale.

The news, first reported by the Wall Street Journal, came just weeks after the Playboy mansion went up for sale for $200 million — with founder Hugh Hefner still in it — and the appearance of the magazine’s first non-nude issue.

Playboy chief executive Scott Flanders told CNN the possible sale “arose out of the interest in the sale of the mansion,” and is being handled by the Los Angeles-based investment firm Moelis & Company.

“Previously we engaged them in the fall to grow the media business and to separately list the mansion,” Flanders said. “And as part of that they had inquiries as to whether the company could be sold. And several well funded entities have expressed interest.”

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Playboy To Celebrate Non-Nude Issue with Party During Super Bowl Weekend

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playboylogoLos Angeles – Playboy magazine’s March 2016 issue, the magazine’s first non-nude version, will make its official consumer debut with an exclusive, star-studded party in San Francisco during pro-football’s biggest weekend of the year.

The Playboy Party, always one of the weekend’s most buzzed-about events, will celebrate the future of Playboy and its newly redesigned magazine on Friday, February 5, 2016 in a transformed space within Lot A of AT&T Park. Celebrities, athletes, and VIP guests will enjoy a DJ set by ALESSO as they mingle with 24 Playboy Playmates in Bunny Costume. Event sponsors include Dodge and EFFEN® Vodka, with water provided by AQUAhydrate and energy by Red Bull.

Guests will arrive at the party through a time portal tunnel that takes them on a visual journey of the history of Playboy and auto sponsor Dodge. Once inside, they will be some of the first consumers to receive copies of Playboy’s March issue (on newsstands Friday, February 12) via an Instagram activated vending machine encouraging them to “post for a peek” of the much-hyped and newly redesigned magazine.

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Pamela Anderson Will Be Playboy’s Last Nude Centerfold

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Pam Anderson

Pam Anderson – Pamela Anderson is the last person to pose nude for Playboy magazine, closing a more than 60 year tradition that has seen women ranging from Madonna to Kim Kardashian and Cindy Crawford strip off for the glossy men’s publication.

Celebrity outlet Entertainment Tonight said on Thursday the former “Baywatch” star, 48, will be featured on the cover of the January/February 2016 edition that will hit newsstands on Dec. 11.

Playboy, founded in 1953 by Hugh Hefner, announced in October that it would stop publishing nude centerfolds of women, saying they had become outdated due to the plethora of free pornography on the Internet.

Anderson has appeared on the Playboy cover 13 times since 1989, more than any other celebrity.

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Burton and Playboy Reunite for Winter 2016 Snowboard Collection

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The Burton snowboards feature vintage Playboy centerfolds and artwork curated by tattoo artist Chris Nunez – Playboy Enterprises, Inc. and Burton today announced the latest Burton x Playboy snowboard collection, featuring vintage Playboy centerfolds and artwork by acclaimed tattoo artist, Chris Nunez, now available worldwide in stores and on

The collection includes three of Burton’s critically acclaimed Process snowboards designed with select Playboy centerfolds from the 70’s and 80’s overlaid with artwork by Chris Nunez. The misty collaboration features Playboy Playmates and will bring the best in lightweight performance, freestyle playfulness and all-terrain prowess.

As part of Burton’s Winter 2016 collection, the Burton x Playboy line of Process snowboards are available for a retail price of $479 each on, at Burton flagship stores worldwide, and through 187 global dealers in the U.S., Australia, Europe and Canada.

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Playboy Settles Model’s Golf-Injury Lawsuit

Follow us on Twitter @PornValleyMedia and @AdultFYI1 Send email to: – Playboy Enterprises has settled a lawsuit by a model who claimed she was hurt when an employee whacked her in the buttocks with a golf club during a Southern California event.

According to City News Service, Elizabeth Dickson’s attorney told a judge on Monday that the case was resolved. Terms weren’t disclosed.

Dickson’s battery and negligence suit said she was helping host the Playboy Golf Finals in the city of Industry three years ago when she agreed to be photographed with Kevin Klein, co-host of a Playboy radio show.

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Playboy CEO: There’s Too Much Interest in Porn

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Playboy Magazine

Playboy Magazine – But last month, the iconic magazine dropped a bombshell.

Beginning with the March issue, Playboy is dropping full nudity from its magazine.

Playboy Enterprises CEO Scott Flanders told CNN Money that the decision was made partly because of a proliferation of porn on the Internet.

“After 62 years, Playboy is putting its clothes back on,” he said. “It served its purpose. When Hefner launched the magazine in 1953 nudity was provocative, and today it’s passe.”

Flanders says there’s too much interest in porn.

“My personal view is that unfortunately availability of porn in some cases has substituted for intimacy in personal relationships,” Flanders says. “And that is unfortunate and Playboy would like to be a bridge in the gap between sex, and understanding of sex between men and women.”

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Larry Flynt Says Hugh Hefner Has Lost His Mind

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Larry Flynt

Larry Flynt – Hustler magazine founder Larry Flynt thinks Hugh Hefner has “lost his mind” after the Playboy publisher decided to stop featuring nude women in the magazine.

Speaking on CNN, Flynt was asked if Playboy’s move to become more like Maxim, GQ and Esquire was a smart decision to which he replied: “You know Hefner is 90 now, I know he’s getting old but I didn’t know he’d lost his mind.”

Asked to clarify his point, Flynt answered rhetorically: “How can you take the most important feature of your magazine and drop it? What it became notorious for.”

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Did Online Porn Kill the Playboy Nude?

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Playboy Magazine

Playboy Magazine – When Playboy announced that it would no longer publish fully nude women in its print edition, the company framed the decision as a bid to stay relevant in a world filled with online porn.

Tuesday, chief executive Scott Flanders told the New York Times, “You’re now one click away from every sex act imaginable for free.” It’s “just passé” to print images of nude women in a print magazine. In the world of Rule 34 — if you can think of it, there is a porn of it somewhere on the Internet — what’s the point of publishing a magazine as a pornography delivery medium?

The problem outlined here isn’t unique to Playboy, or even racy magazines as a whole. The porn industry in the United States has been in crisis for a few years now, facing many of the same needs to adapt online as any other content producer.

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