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The Best Collage Student in the Business – ADT on Roxanne Rae: Everybody Wants Some!

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Sexy Starlet Now Booking Her Own Scenes—Contact Her Today!

Roxanne-Rae-200x300Los Angeles – The secret of sexy Roxanne Rae is slowly becoming less of a secret: the young beauty is an amazing performer.

She glows in a new review on AdultDVDTalk says that she was not only the best thing about Neighborhood Swingers 9, she was the only thing!

“Scrap all other girls!” JC wrote. “She is wearing dorky glasses throughout her abuse, which I found pretty hot. This is a really pretty girl, she is also very petite and surprising when she makes her rectum available for drilling. Big mistake as all the husbands take her up on her offer and take turns trashing her beautiful little ass!”

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Roxanne Rae Back to School, Back on Cam

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Roxanne-Rae-200x300Discusses Her Dirty ‘Porn Goal’ on Christy Canyon Show

Los Angeles – Spring Break is over for the wonderful Roxanne Rae, so she’s back home, back in school and back to studying to keep her grades up. But fans shouldn’t feel like she’s abandoned them—she’s finding a way to meet up with her hardcore fans: camming.

She’ll be logging on at least twice this week—and more if homework allows—to share some special time on Streamate. Look for her Wednesday 6-8 ET and Friday 7-10 ET.

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Spring Break! Roxanne Rae in Southern California to Shoot for Two Week

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Roxanne-Rae-200x300Porn Valley Always a Learning Experience

Los Angeles – Spring Break has begun and Roxanne is taking two weeks instead of one because she’s in Los Angeles to shoot before heading back to her books and teachers and shiny apples.

Her midterms went well, thanks for asking, though some teachers have scolded her, saying there is no reason she should be getting B’s for grades. Perhaps, one suggested, she is spending too much time focusing on non-school things. If only they knew what things!

But those things are behind her now as she’s busy shooting. There was a scene with Mike Adriano and Chase Ryder. She also is looking forward to shooting a scene for Kevin Moore.

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Roxanne Rae on Cover of New Issue of High Society

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Roxanne-Rae-200x300New Dogfart Scene: ‘Watching My Mom Go Black’

Los Angeles – Some might suggest that Roxanne Rae didn’t know what she was getting into when she got into porn. Others might say it was in her blood.

A new scene explores an interesting scenario: Roxanne’s mom decided to tell her daughter that she was fucking a black guy and that her daddy knew. Poor Roxanne had to accept it because her mom accepted her choice to do porn. Who saw that coming when Roxanne started doing dirty movies?!

Cammille is her mom and the black guy is Rico Strong.

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Next: New Digital Sin Scene Starring Roxanne Rae

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Roxanne-Rae-200x300Violin Teacher Confirms: ‘She Is Not a Nerd’; LA Trip on Tap 

Los Angeles – Roxanne Rae may be holed up trying to maintain her 4.0 GPA through midterms, but don’t dare try to pigeonhole her as just another brainiac sex maniac with glasses. She is so much more than that.

Sure, she’s smart, but it’s not like she’s a nerd or anything. Just ask her violin teacher.

“Is Roxanne a nerd?” the teacher repeated. “That’s crazytalk! Anyone who has ever heard her discuss Arcangelo Corelli’s disdain for playing high notes, or conversed with her regarding Niccolo Paganini’s octave leaps will certainly know that Miss Roxanne is not nerd. Heavens, no!”

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Roxanne Rae Claims 11 Orgasms in New ‘My Anal Schoolgirl 2’ Scene

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Roxanne-Rae-200x300Spring Break in Porn Valley Being Booked Now

Los Angeles – People always have the same questions for porn stars, one of them being, Do you really cum in your scenes?

No one had to ask Roxanne Rae—she couldn’t keep quiet about it if she tried: She says she had no fewer than 11 orgasms in her scene in the ne Digital Sin release My Anal Schoolgirl 2.

“It was an anal scene, obviously, with Erik Everhard,” she said during a study break earlier this week. “I came like 11 times and it was awesome! It was one of my favorite scenes so far.”

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Roxanne Rae Is Going Back 2 Cali

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Roxanne-Rae-200x300Coed Will Be Taking a Two-Week Spring Break to Shoot in Porn Valley

Los Angeles – Getting good grades can pay off in a number of ways, but none of her fellow brainiacs will be taking advantage of their hard-studying ways like Roxanne Rae.

She’s working ahead in all of her classes so that she can take a long spring break without jeopardizing her grade point average. So, while all her school chums are headed to the beach to drink their heads off, Roxanne will be clean and sober, working hard over a two-week stay in Porn Valley to shoot new content.

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