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Interview – Jelena Jensen: From Porn Star to Internet Entrepreneur

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JELENAJENSENfrom – The 21st century is a grim time to fuck on camera for money. Tube sites and piracy have diminished the demand for adult performers’ work, and thanks to webcams, anyone with a WiFi connection can become a porn performer. To stay profitable, porn star Jelena Jensen has taken control of her professional digital presence.

A film school graduate, Jensen runs her own website, manages other performers’ sites, shoots videos, and hosts The J Spot, a radio show on Vivid Radio. Working at home most days in front of a computer, she resembles your average one-person web entrepreneur—albeit one who works with titties and dicks.

Wanting to learn more about ways Jensen has combated piracy and stayed solvent, I called her to discuss the porn industry’s struggles, entrepreneurship, and why she calls herself a “webmistress.”

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Chanel Preston Reviews ’50 Shades of Grey’ Movie Trailer

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Chanel Prestonfrom – Outside of Comic-Con, there isn’t much happening in the movie world. Oh wait, there’s that 50 Shades of Grey trailer that was released this week in an attempt to bring balance to the force of nerd movie goodness. This is a different kind of nerdy, as we’ve found out over the course of tracking the movie’s development. It involves whips, chains and plenty of suppressed emotions from your mom’s neighborhood book club. It’s something that plenty of us around here aren’t really into — at least that anyone in the office is willing to admit — the world of BDSM. With that in mind, we might not be the right people to dissect the mix of pain and pleasure that make E.L. James’ book such a sensation.

In order to fully understand the first trailer for Sam Taylor-Johnson’s upcoming film adaptation, we asked fetish porn performer Chanel Preston to answer a few questions about the trailer, the book and even her thoughts on the Beyonce song. We wanted an expert opinion on the tale of Christian Grey and his riding crop, and that’s exactly what we got…

Seeing as we’re not familiar with your work (sorry, my mom reads the site), let’s establish some credentials. What are the names of some of the fetish movies / scenes you’ve starred in?

Two of my most popular are “Get My Belt” by Kelly Madison Productions (this scene won Most Outrageous Sex Scene at the 2014 AVN Awards) and “Strap For Teacher” by Evil Angel. Most of my traditional fetish / BDSM (bondage & discipline, dominance & submission) scenes are web-based and can be found at

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Hurting For Cash, Online Porn Tries New Tactics

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internetporncomputerfrom – I hit the streets of San Francisco to ask strangers their favorite search terms for online pornography. It was not hard to get answers, even on the record.

“Teacher porn, student-teacher fantasy,” Jason Ravel says at a coffee shop. “That’s who I was around most often in grade school. I was a really good student.”

Chanelle Dorton, who’s passing by a train station, is into ebony lesbian sex. “I don’t like straight porn,” she says.

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