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Sadie Santana Stars in My Wife’s Darkest Fantasy; Interviewed by AJ Asher

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Sadie Santana1224twThe sexy star also talks to CJ Asher about her offer to blow the L.A. Lakers.

Los Angeles – Hardcore hottie Sadie Santana ( turns up the heat in My Wife’s Darkest Fantasy. The sexy seductress is showcased on the cover of the New Sensations release which also features a scorching hot scene between Sadie and male performer Stallion. On the cover Sadie is seen wearing only lingerie as her beautiful body is draped across her co-star, foreshadowing the chemistry of the couple that can be found in the video.

“The scene is one of my favorites,” said Sadie. “I had a lot of fun filming it and hope that viewers have just as much fun watching it. And I love the box cover it really conveys the passion that you’ll see in the sex scene. Fans need to add My Wife’s Darkest Fantasy to their collection.”

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CJ Asher writes: A Straight Girl’s First Visit To A Gentlemen’s Club

Follow us on Twitter @PornValleyMedia and @AdultFYI1 Send email to: – I love gentlemen’s clubs. If you’ve been following my blog,, this should come as no surprise to you. My friends, for the most part, don’t seem to enjoy the gentlemen’s club scene as much as I do, usually for one of several reasons: they’re not into the scene, they’re in a relationship but their significant other won’t let them or isn’t into the scene themselves as well as that they can’t afford it (let’s not kid ourselves, after the cover charge and alcohol you’ll still need money for tips and dances to properly enjoy yourself).

Despite my sincerest good intentions to encourage *cough nag cough* my friends to join me, it’s a rare opportunity when I can haul one of them along for some company between the time spent conversing with the dancers. One night not too long ago, after a social event I had attended was over, I found myself in downtown Philadelphia without any other plans for the evening. I gave my good friend Taffy, an outgoing 30-something year old with a long-time boyfriend, a ring to see if she was free and wanted to hang out. She did have plans, a friend’s birthday party, and invited me along. Unfortunately, those plans fell apart pretty quickly as the “birthday party” turned out to be a bar crawl in South Philly. Neither of us wanting to wait around in a crowded bar to meet up with the group, we decided to bail and settled for some drinks and a bite at a nearby outdoor restaurant.

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